View Full Version : Skin Problems piggy ears

02-16-13, 08:09 pm
my piggy ears have no hair and they are dried up..whats up...can I use baby oil vitamin e

02-16-13, 08:18 pm
Get some cold pressed coconut oil and rub the ears with that -- you can find it at any large pharmacy or grocery store.

How old are your pigs? Can you post a picture of the ears?

02-16-13, 08:22 pm
I have had her for about 3 weeks now..the lady told me she was 3 months old
Ill try to post a pic

02-16-13, 09:12 pm
OK. The reason I asked is that sometimes dried edges of the ears can indicate possible heart problems. But that's undoubtedly not the case in a pig so young. Try the coconut oil for a week or so. If it gets worse, or isn't better by that time, then see a vet.

02-17-13, 11:12 am
Guinea pigs do not really have hair on their ears normally.