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02-10-13, 08:13 am
So, tomorrow my new male is getting neutered so he can go back with the female he has lived with for the last two months before I got them. I am kind of nervous. I know there are risks with any kind of procedure and I am trying to tell myself it will be okay. Did anyone else ever get nervous when they had their piggie neutered or am I being weird? Also, what is the care for after the neuter if anyone knows?

02-10-13, 08:28 am
I am a total worrier. You are not alone.

Post neuter, you'll want to keep him quiet and unstressed for the next day or two. You'll want to pick him up twice a day to look things over and make sure he's leaving it alone, that there is no swelling or signs of infection, and nothing is opening up. They will probably use surgical glue so there is nothing to remove later. Always monitor eating, drinking, pooping. A bit of weight loss right after is okay, but he should be stable weight after a few days.

They should give him some pain medication for a few days. They may or may not give antibiotic. (I prefer no antibiotic because it can upset their gut, but some give as preventative. If they do give you an antibiotic, I would also be sure to have critical care and/or canned pumpkin and syringe on hand in case the antibiotic affects his apetite.)

He will still need to be separate from the female for four weeks to ensure no viable sperm left over.

Stay calm and positive! He will come through fine :)

02-10-13, 11:54 am
The amount of time you wait to put him in with the female varies according to which vet you talk to. Some vets say 1 week, others say more. I usually wait until between 2 and 3 weeks.

The biggest problem I've had with neuters is abscessing. I prefer an antibiotic for this reason. Be extra diligent about cleaning his cage.

02-10-13, 04:04 pm
I've had 4 boys neutered and worried each time. They all did great but our elder pig Sheldon did stop eating due to the antibiotics. Since he had been on it for 5 days the vet took him off it and we had to syringe feed him for about 24 hours(until he got his appetite back) he developed mushy poos and a week later had an abcess that had to be drained and the vet put him on a different medication that worked great for him. He was just introduced to the ladies(Butters and Diamond) on Wednesday(22 days post surgery). Our vet prefers we wait 3 weeks before introducing to a female.

02-10-13, 04:28 pm
Ohh this is a great topic. I to am worried about getting my little buddy neutered. Everyone's advice is super helpful though!

02-11-13, 04:09 pm
The amount of time you wait to put him in with the female varies according to which vet you talk to. Some vets say 1 week, others say more. I usually wait until between 2 and 3 weeks.

The biggest problem I've had with neuters is abscessing. I prefer an antibiotic for this reason. Be extra diligent about cleaning his cage.

My vet had said three to four weeks. I personally would prefer to err on the side of extra than cut it short. In the grand scheme of things, what's an extra few days when there is peace of mind that no extra little ones are coming along?

And ditto on the cage cleaning - very important! I put down white cloth diapers over my cage liners and I change them continuously. This way I can see anything that could be out of the ordinary, and I am also keeping a clean space for him.

I hope all has gone well! Let us know how he is doing ;)

02-11-13, 07:23 pm
Thanks all. Finn was neutered today. He was hopping and jumping around in the carrier when I picked him up so no lethargy. They gave him meds at the vet and they said they should last for 4 days or so and I do not need to give anything else. I will check on his incision a few times a day. I must say that after 4 years of seeing various genitals on males and females, it is weird to see a neutered male. I had trouble finding his penis and was worried they cut it off. :) I will be putting some white towels over the fleece for the next week and changing them as they get soiled, just to make sure that all is well. His incision looks really good though, for now. The vet said to wait just a week before he can go back in with gracie ut I will wait for 4 weeks anyway for a couple reasons. 1) To make sure all his swimmers are, in fact, gone and 2) to make sure Gracie isn't pregnant before reintroducing them because, if she is, I would just take him back out again anyway and I think that would cause even more stress. Thanks all for the helpful tips. I will be holding my breath for the next few days hoping all goes well. :)

02-11-13, 08:05 pm
One more question. I want to give him a bath. I didn't do it when I got him a week ago because I wanted to keep him calm for awhile. How long should I wait to bathe him?

02-11-13, 08:13 pm
Is he to go back to the vet for a recheck? I would wait until you see the vet and he/she says the incision is healed. In any case, I would wait at least 2 weeks before bathing him as long as all goes well and he heals with no complications.

02-11-13, 08:46 pm
I'm so glad surgery went well!! It's so nerve wrecking when your little pets have surgery, I feel your pain! I'd sugest Whjat others have said too, making sure he stays in a clean cage and doesn't run around too much. Keep an eye on the incision as well. If it looks more red, inflamed, or has a bad smell, it could be infection and you'll need more antibiotics. I'm sure your vet will be able to tell as well.

02-12-13, 11:06 am
I would wait until everything is fully healed before bathing. You don't want to risk opening anything (internally as well) - and if he is squirmy in the water - and some can be VERY, even when held tightly - he could stress the incisions sites. Consider just wiping him down with baby wipes or a damp washcloth (avoiding genitals) if his fur is stinky, and do the full bath in a few weeks.

02-12-13, 02:40 pm
Why do you need to bathe him? Definitely don't for a few weeks.

02-12-13, 03:36 pm
I got him from a man who kept them on newspaper and he has really long hair so it is matted and dirty. I will wait until I am ready to put him back in with Gracie before I bathe them both. (She also has long hair that is matted and dirty). Thanks everyone. Finn is eating, pooping and peeing. I am keeping him as quiet and a calm as one can keep a guinea pig. He is now 30 hours post neuter and his incision looks clean and good and he seems to be his normal self. Tomorrow, he will go back into the guinea pig room so he can be around the wheeks and squeaks of all his friends until he is completely healed. :)

02-12-13, 04:17 pm
I would wait to bathe them, but right now give each one a trim.