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07-29-05, 05:04 pm
Is it ok to feed my pig Orange Bell Peppers or are they posinous?

07-29-05, 05:28 pm
They are fine.

07-29-05, 06:17 pm
Red bell peppers are preferred by most members as they have the highest amount of Vitamin C. Orange ones still have Vit C, but a smaller amount.

07-29-05, 06:41 pm
You can feed your pigs any color bell pepper.

07-29-05, 06:48 pm
I change the color every week. Red, orange, yellow and green. I mix them up for variety.

07-29-05, 08:29 pm
Thanks I was just scared because i havent read anything about people feeding them the orange kind.

07-29-05, 11:03 pm
My pigs prefer orange over any other. Then red, yellow, and at the bottom green. Red is the highest in vit c but all bell peppers are loaded with it. There are also purple and white bell peppers which I haven't seen in stores yet and my bell pepper plants didn't grow. Only the cherry peppers did.

07-29-05, 11:12 pm
My pigs love peppers. All kinds. I feed a pepper between them every day. (Along with other veggie's and greens.)

07-30-05, 12:11 am
Mine eat orange and red like there is not tomorrow. I just have more green then anything. They also enjoy the occasional yellow too.

07-30-05, 12:54 am
Mine LOVE green and red, yellow is after that then they don't touch orange.

07-30-05, 12:58 am
My pigs love them all! I have 20 pepper plants growing in my yard (all different colors), the green ones are about ready to harvest. I now know why the red/yellow/orange peppers cost more at the grocery store - they take a lot longer to ripen and harvest.

07-30-05, 01:10 am
I have pepper plants too! Only two.. But the red/yellow/orange ones DO take longer to ripen and such.

07-30-05, 02:36 am
Any colour peepers are fine. Just don't feed the seeds (the seeds are toxic).

08-02-05, 07:19 pm
Mine love the red and green peppers. I haven't tried the orange ones yet. I'd like to because by me, the red peppers are a lot more expensive than the orange and green.

08-02-05, 07:23 pm
I wasn't sure my piggies would like orange bell peppers-they're used to getting just red. So I cut up 5 baby carrots and slipped it in with the orange bell pepper. They took to it just like a fish to water!

08-02-05, 07:59 pm
Seeds are not toxic... A potential choking hazard maybe although I haven't really heard any cautions against that either but definitely not toxic. I know of many people that feed whole peppers seeds included to their pigs. I usually chop mine in half and knock most of the seeds out in the trash. They love the middle part the best and often hunt out the seeds to eat them.

08-04-05, 03:26 pm
I cut them stemmy part, from the top in a circle, then take it out and start cutting. It saves a lot of pepper that way.

08-04-05, 03:32 pm
Mine will only eat green, but they get a lot of it to make up for the less vitamin c content.

08-04-05, 03:45 pm
Color peppers cost more because they are sweeter to the taste then green ones. If you ever go to a party and have a relish dish just taste the difference.

08-04-05, 05:40 pm
I was thinking about this last night, when I picked up veggies for my pigs AND the new pigs we're adopting on Saturday (wooo hoo!). There was a pack with orange, green, yellow, and red peppers, which was cheaper than buying individual ones, but I never came across info on orange and yellow peppers, so I didn't buy it. Now I know. :)

08-04-05, 05:57 pm
Mine love red. Queen more than Lola. I'll set a hunk of it with their other veggies and Queen can smell it. She rushes out, and rips the whole piece off the plate! She hides it from Lola and eats until her chin is a nice red colour. Poor Lola! When she tries to get some, Queen nabs it away from her so I have to give her her own piece. xD

05-16-07, 07:43 am
Does anyone have a reference showing the sugar content of orange peppers? They're not listed on the charts. They are high in vitamin C so I want to add them to the Piggy Diet but I was wondering if they should be fed in limited quantities like the red peppers (since red are high in sugar, 4.2 grams of sugar in a 100 gram serving).


05-16-07, 07:47 am
Oops, I also wanted to ask about the sugar content in yellow peppers too since that info is missing from the nutrition chart.

05-16-07, 01:10 pm
All my info for the charts came from the USDA website. They do not have the sugar content for yellow or any info for orange peppers. This is why the nutrition charts do not contain this info.