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02-08-13, 03:07 pm
I'm looking for help. My kids (and I, but don't tell my kids that!) have 3 little girls. About a week ago we took Izzy into the vet because my daughter noticed a lump on her stomach. The vet said it was a simple growth and nothing to worry about, but he was worried about how small Izzy was. I admit, I've been horrible about weighing them and have learned that lesson the wrong way! Over the next day or two I noticed how little she was really eating and that she didn't seem to be drinking. I've been giving her the critical care and forcing water multiple times a day. On Monday we had her molars trimmed, which were affecting her tongue. The vet said she should start eating on her own again by the next morning. But she didn't. I continued with the CC and water, our vet said to give it a few days and 'see how she does'. That didn't sound right to me so I found another vet and got a second opinion. This one found a small, hard lump on Izzy's jaw line. She feels certain that it's a tumor and probably affecting her interest in food. She suggested an x-ray but felt sedating Izzy would be too dangerous given her weight. Instead we've continued with the CC and water, adding in yogurt and crushed vit. C as the vet suggested. Now I read the yogurt is a bad idea so I'll have to change that on the next feeding.
Finally my question...Feeding Izzy the CC and water is not going well, she hates it and spits it back out. I get in probably 2T dry CC a day, mixed with water. Is there anything else I can try? What's the easiest way to feed CC? I'm still offering veggies, fruit and hay but she has no interest. Any advice would be great! Thank you!!

02-08-13, 03:23 pm
You need to find a cavy savy vet! Never ever ever give her yogurt again, guinea pigs are strict herbivores. Only feed them stuff that comes from a plant.

I would think perhaps she has an absess? How much does she weigh and hold old is she?

If she isn't eating you MUST get 60cc of critical care into her per day, with around 10mls of water (don't quote me on the water number, but I think that's what it was)

Mix the critical care with something like water, pedialyte or 100% fruit juice. You can add in some caned pumpkin (just 100% pumpkin, no additives) or another 100% pureed vegetable to make it taste better and add nutrients.

When the vet clipped her molars, did they give you pain meds for her? She could be in pain which would cause lack of appetite.

Any vet that says something is a 'simple growth and nothing to worry about' is a red flag for me.

Either of those vets don't sound very well informed to me, especially the one who recommended yogurt!

The easiest way to get the cc into her for me anyways, is to put the pig in front of you on a hard surface. I use one hand to hold the top of the mouth firmly, around the snout, then I use the syringe and stick it to the side of the mouth, behind the front teeth. If you push it in a little more the pig will start to grind it's molars against the syringe, dispense a little bit. As long as the pig is chewing, and therefore swallowing, keep dispensing small amounts. You'll need to do it every few hours.


02-08-13, 03:49 pm
Izzy is about 5 1/2 yrs old now, not sure exactly since we got her from the Humane Society. I just weighed her and she's 854 grams, that's an improvement from yesterdays 820 grams! I love good signs!

I'd love to find a vet I could be sure about, but I've been researching and can't find one near us. The first one did the molars and did not give us any pain meds for her. They did give us an antibiotic and the CC. The second vet is the one who said the yogurt.

What can I use to increase the 'good' bacteria? I'm thinking the poop pellets from our healthy piggies would be best in this case? Should I mix that into the water I give her, or the water I mix the CC with?

How you mention feeding her is what I've been trying. She's a stubborn girl. LOL Guess I'll just have to keep trying that. The syringe I have is about 15ml which would mean I would need to feed her 4 of those a day. I think I've been a little short but pretty close the last few days at least. I'll add another feeding starting today. I'm sure she's gotten more than 10ml of water a day this week, so I should be ok there.

Do you think it's possible she's just malnourished? I'm grasping at straws, but I've gotten too attached to her and can't stand the thought she's hurting. I swore when the kids got the piggies I wouldn't get attached. HA! Fat chance of that happening!

Thanks for your help madelineelaine

02-08-13, 03:52 pm
Please don't give your piggy yoghurt, it's bad for them because guinea pigs are lactose intolerant. You could give the vitamin C on a favourite veggie- cucumber works well. Sorry I couldn't help with the rest. X I would definatley get your pig to a cavy savvy vet ASAP.