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ben walker
08-16-03, 07:39 pm
Hey, my names ben and im 14 years old. I have two pigs (Ivana and Stella). For the most part, i use straw or hay for their bedding. I use straw because its cheap and easy to get, but i have been reading that straw is not good bedding. I use it because its cheap, and because im younger cannot afford more expensive bedding such as Carefresh. I was just wondering, is straw really ok for my cavies, if not, please post some CHEAP alternatives.Thanks.

ben walker
08-16-03, 07:40 pm
I was wondering also if pea straw would be a good alternative?

08-26-03, 05:45 am
I was told that straw <em>IS NOT OK</em> as it can have hard or pointy bits that can injure your piggies :mad: & I'm sure it would cost a lot in vet bills if Ivana or Stella was injured by the straw (not to mention how bad you would feel! :( ) Hay is <em>DEFINITELY</em> the better option of those two! I don't know anything about pea straw so I couldnt comment there :mad: But what you do want is something softer! :)

Have you tried looking for wood shavings? I get mine from a Stock Feed store & it is CHEAP AS (I paid $4 for a HUGE bag)! I think it's <em>much</em> more expensive to buy it in small bags from a pet store or something. Or I've even heard of ppl shreading newspaper at times when they couldn't get or had no money for other bedding :)

But if you do get wood shavings... make sure you <em>DO NOT</em> get <em>Cedar</em> as it can be toxic to piggies :mad: They say that <em>Aspen</em> is the best type for piggies but if you can only get <em>Pine</em> try to make sure it has as low fragrance as possible :) (Just imagine having that strong smell in your nostrils constantly!)

Well that's enough blabbering for me :P I hope that helps anyway :D All the best...

Shell, Cailin, Chet, & Dylan :)

miss g pig
08-27-03, 07:00 am
straw is not ok.it's very hard and can be pointed and sharp.I also read somewhere that it is poisonous to guinea pigs(not sure if thats true)

08-30-03, 10:38 am
No, it's not poisonous. Please don't repeat unsubstantiated rumors on the internet. People pick up on it and make it worse.

12-29-03, 03:56 pm
Is plain white kitchen roll ok for bedding? (ie for indoor hutches)And isnt hay ok for bedding as well as seperate hay for food? Straw is a no no.

golden sonata
01-15-04, 02:14 pm
n1shell, where can I get wood shavings?

02-01-04, 09:22 pm
I use field grass hay for bedding. It works ok and is nor poisonous or sharp ended. :)

02-04-04, 08:53 pm
n1shell, where can I get wood shavings?
Hi golden sonata :)

Where are you from, to start with? I'm in Perth, Australia & I can get it from Stock Feed stores or pet stores. Big ones like "City Farmers" are usually the cheapest. They tend to get expensive in small bags from small pet stores :S The only way of knowing would be to look around.

I tend to use the wood shavings as a base (collect the urine & smell) & a bit of loose hay on top (better them eating the hay than the shavings I would think) as well as fresh hay in their hay racks!

Hope that helps...

Shell :)

02-10-04, 04:11 am
lo! im from australia too,
and straw is fine! well put it this way, ive never ever had a problem with it, i mix it with their dry food and they love it!

and pea straw is great too mine LOVE to eat it!!!!!!!! its thier fave.

other cheap alternative is wood chips, i can get them pretty cheap $9 australian dollars from pet shops.


02-24-04, 03:27 pm
My 12-year old has been putting down a section of newspaper topped with shredded newspaper. He said that's a lot easier to clean than the wood chips (and cheaper too!).

02-24-04, 11:38 pm
In Singapore, we use Breeder Choice ( brand ) Cat Litter ( Imported from Austrila ) and it last for more than 1 week.

02-25-04, 02:09 am
i used to use newspaper, but mine always trampled it after about 5 mins and was all stuck down with poo, and mine love to eat the straw. i occasionally use shredded paper which isnt too bad

03-02-04, 07:52 am
I don't find newspaper on its own keeps the cage (and therefore your pigs) clean. It's just not very absorbant, so needs to be changed very frequently to keep them dry.

However, I do use a good layer of newspaper under the bedding (kiln dried pine shavings or chopped straw - both with hay) to make it easy to clean up. You can just roll up the paper with the bedding on in one swoop, and there's usually very little spillage to sweep up.

03-04-04, 10:52 am
u should use normal white blank paper unless the newspaper ur using is animal freindly(ink isnt toxic to rodents)