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02-08-13, 02:18 am
Hi all,
I haven't been on here for a few months but having more issues with poor fluffy and her skin/hair.
over the last few weeks she has lost quite a bit of her hair, is breaking out in bleeding scabby areas and her back is all scaly and flaky. I have previously had her at the vet who couldn't really find any problem but its much worse now. she has been treated for mites, I've been giving extra vitamin c just incase thats the issue, and have also put her in a separate cage incase one of the others was attacking her, but she just seems to be getting worse. Does anyone have any other ideas, I just feel so sorry for the poor little piggy.

Party Guineas
02-08-13, 06:14 am
There could be a number of other reasons for this hair loss. A list of possible causes here: http://www.guinealynx.info/hairloss.html. I would recommend taking her back to the vet and seeing if the vet can make a different diagnosis. Is your vet an exotics vet or cavy savvy? It would be worth taking her to a vet who is, if your current vet isn't or doesn't seem to know. It sounds like she's obviously suffering, and she could go downhill fast. Perhaps it's fungal, as this is also a common cause of hair loss, but it's hard to say. Hope she gets better soon!

02-08-13, 08:57 am
Was she Checked for Mange? See thishttp://www.guinealynx.info/mites.html

02-08-13, 09:12 am
I'm thinking maybe it's parasitic? or it could be mites, did you treat her every 7 days and thoroughly wash all bedding?

How much vitamin C is she getting?

02-08-13, 11:38 am
What treatment did she have for mites, how strong was the medicine, and how long did the treatment last?

02-08-13, 02:29 pm
Vitamin c: I've given 50mg supplements for over a week now just incase of scurvy (as per guinealynx) plus still her regular veggies.

Mites: vet treated with ivermectin subcutaneously 2x doses 10 days apart, not sure how much they gave but they weighed her first so guess they worked it out properly.

Fungus: originally she was also getting washed in melaseb anti fungal shampoo as I'd treated her with that before, made no difference and i wouldn't even contemplate it now due to the open sores.

Vet: yes i did take her to a cavy savy vet, the only ones in the city so don't really have another option. I will try and get her in tuesday as its a long weekend so will have wait til then unfortunately.

Also none of my other four guinea pigs who live with her are having any problems, i just can't figure it out!

02-08-13, 02:45 pm

Just so you know what I'm on about, here's a view of her rear end.

02-10-13, 02:32 am
Just to update, fluffy has a vet appointment tuesday. She looks terrible, she's still eating and drinking but mostly just sitting in the one spot. I have put her back in the cage with the others and they are taking turns to sit with her. I could take her to the after hours vet but they really only deal with dogs and cats. Any suggestions for keeping her comfortable til tuesday?

02-10-13, 02:59 am
Not really sure on any suggestions as I haven't dealt with anything like this. I am still new at guinea pigs. However, please keep us posted on what you find out. I hope Fluffy becomes fluffy again instead of being not so fluffy!

02-10-13, 11:56 am
I would treat for mites again with either oral ivermectin, or Revolution.

I would gently apply extra virgin coconut oil to the area a couple of times a day.

02-10-13, 11:12 pm
After spending some time with fluffy today i'm guessing she does have mites. She looks so bad, she's lost nearly all her hair on her front left hand side over night and one very large wound there. From time to time she screams in pain and starts jumping around. I just wish i could help her. The vet i normally take my dog to is open for an hour tonight, will it be of any benefit to take her there or should i wait for the exotic vet to open tomorrow (she has an appointment with them in the morning). I just see how much she had deteriorated over the weekend and can't be sure she'll still be around tomorrow to treat. In saying that she is still eating and drinking.

02-11-13, 03:49 am
So I ended up taking fluffy up to my regular vets emergency service. The vet didn't know alot about guinea pigs, but they had revolution there so he worked out the dose for me to give, gave her a thorough check over, weighed her (she hasn't lost any weight which is good) and then after a bit of deliberation, gave her a cortisone injection so hopefully she should be on the mend soon. Thanks everyone for your help/support

02-11-13, 04:17 am
Oh... ((((hugs)))) Are you still going to the other vet tomorrow?
Hugs and nose kisses for little fluffy!

02-11-13, 09:22 am
No, i don't think there is much point, i'll give it a few days to see how she goes and take her in if there's no improvement

02-11-13, 10:57 am
I'm glad he gave her the cortisone injection. It can really help in cases like these. When it wears off, you may want to use coconut oil to soften the scabbed parts or they will start itching again.

02-11-13, 11:41 am
Great idea about the coconut oil foggycreekcavy ! I will have to remember this for just in case emergencies!