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02-07-13, 04:03 pm
Hello I'm new to this website and I know I haven't got time to induce you to my piggies(or me), butI have a big question for you guys about my new guinea pig Heather.She hasn't been in heat since I got her, for a pet store 1 week ago.She really only sleeps, drinks and eats but does love treats as much as any other pig.This picture shows the buldge on her sides which is the reason I am quistioning if I bought a pregnant piggy?She has a picture of her in the link below:

Snapshot_20130204_zpsc5bb8b59.jpg Photo by guineapiglover101 | Photobucket (http://s1326.beta.photobucket.com/user/guineapiglover101/media/Snapshot_20130204_zpsc5bb8b59.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0)
Here is her information:
Gender: Female
Age:5 months
Weight Currently: 3 1/2 pounds
Cage Mates: GIRLS -Blackie, CoCo
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________
Diet: Cavy Cuisene By:Oxbow , fruits once a week, Western Timothy Hay, fresh grass, celery, big carrots.
Please get back to me quickly as I need to know as soon as possible.

02-07-13, 04:36 pm
I'm seriously doubting she's 5 months if she's 3 and a half pounds 0.o

Did you confirm the sex of each of her cage mates? Guinea pigs go into heat every 14 days, but just like humans I doubt it runs like clock work all the time.

Just a note on their diet, it really doesn't seem varied if you're only feeding carrots and celery. They need 1 cup of veggies per day, per pig, to be healthy. Lettuce and green pepper at the least, are daily staples.

Colorado Cavies
02-07-13, 04:38 pm
Well for some reason my computer won't open the picture so I can't comment on that but I do wonder how much veggies and hay she gets. You said fruit is once a week which is good due to the high sugar content in fruit but do you also limit the hay and the veggies? They should be having unlimited hay and a cup of veggies per pig per day. It's very important that she is getting enough of both things, even more so if she is pregnant.

Have you tried feeling for the babies, don't push! Just rest your hand under her belly and see if you can feel any kicks. If you can that means that she is about 6 weeks along.

02-07-13, 09:42 pm
The cage mates are defidently girls,and they do sometimes(every other day) get cucumbers broccli spinich leaves and green bell pepper.
We don't think she is either but the pet store clerk said "He was FOR SURE" I think that was a lie.She has hay when every she is running low, she does have unlimted veggies also all the time.
If you put your hand very gently for about 20 seconds you will feel a mini kick.Which is why I was concerned.

02-07-13, 10:02 pm

That pic looks like she could possibly be pregnant, it could also be the way you are holding her however but the pear shape is pretty common for pregnant piggies.

02-08-13, 03:05 pm
Thanks for the infromation, on a daily basis she looks like that.

02-08-13, 03:14 pm
guineapiger101 here's a really great chart for feeding a balanced diet to them : http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/diet-nutrition/22156-read-me-cavy-nutrition-charts-poisonous-plants-list.html#post254730

really it's impossible to know from just a picture if she's pregnant. If you feel kicks, then she's at least 6 weeks. You need to baby proof the cage, and make sure it's an appropriate size.

02-09-13, 03:53 pm
Thank you sooo much for the chart, we just baby proofed the cage just in case. I think she is pregnant because when you feel her stomach sides then the other pigs there is defidintly a difference in hardness. Heather's sides are harder.

02-09-13, 05:23 pm
3.5 pounds is huge! Males don't usually even get that big. Are you sure she's a female?

Since you aren't sure of her age, it's possible that instead of being pregnant she has ovarian cysts.

Cavy Treenie
02-09-13, 06:11 pm
When my Penelope was pregnant she looked EXACTLY like that, even when we weren't holding her. I'm pretty sure she didn't weigh that much, but then again she only had 2 pups.

02-09-13, 08:39 pm
foggycreekcavy, We are sure she is female, yes we know it could also be the ovarian cysts that's why we are taking her to a vet in a week (im really stressing) but she isn't losing weight and she isn't that picky in eating nor has she lost weight.

@Cavy Treenie she is huge she is a little bigger now and she has little mini kicks every minute or so.

Cavy Treenie
02-10-13, 08:02 am
guineapiger101 Yep, same with Peneps, when they get close to labor they will start laying around and drinking a TON. Make sure to keep me posted, I would love to see pigtures of the babies when they arrive! You will also need to switch her to alfalfa hay pretty soon, of you haven't already. (:

02-10-13, 08:27 am
Okay I will keep you posted on the situation, I will switch to alfalfa hay tommorow, graduly so she will not get confused or just not eat it.

02-10-13, 08:53 am
You don't need to give alfalafa hay guineapiger101

She still needs unlimited long strand grass hay, like timothy. You can supplement with a little of alfalfa but the main component should be timothy.

You can give her alfalfa based pellets though :)

02-10-13, 08:59 am
Okay so not just alfalfa but both that and timothy hay. Okay I will her those pellet's Thanks :)

02-15-13, 03:19 pm
Now her sides some times get stuck going into her smaller house, its so cute. So she uses her bigger house.