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07-28-05, 08:37 pm
Ok so, I have had rabbits for a long time and I love having them. Everyone says that hay is one of the most important things in a rabbits diet. But my rabbit doesnt like hay. He very rarely eats his hay. I give him fresh hay all the time but he wont eat it.

Also my rabbit(Peanut) has had dierra(sp?) for a few days. Last time this happened with a different rabbit my vet said to take away his food and just give him hay for a day. That worked great but my current rabbit doesnt like hay. I called the vet today but they were out of the office. I am going to call tomorrow, but I also want everyones oppinions.

Thanks so much for your help.

~Laura and Peanut

07-29-05, 09:41 am
Why not try different brands or types of hay? Have you tried oxbow hay before? Any grass hay is good for adult rabbits so you could offer him orchard grass, bluegrass, timothy, rye, etc... My rabbit is not a big hay eater either. We always put hay in his litterbox, and he does eat some of it.

Did the diarrhea start when you offered him a new food? I would not feed him any treats or veggies until you can talk to the vet. My rabbit will occassionly get loose stools when he has had too many treats or has eaten gassy vegetables like broccoli.

07-29-05, 10:15 am
Offering differnt types and brands of hay is a great idea. Also how much food are you offering the bunnies? If they are filling up on pellets and fresh foods they would have no reason to eat the hay. Cut back on the pellets and fresh stuff and offer bunny broom, orchard grass, timoth etc and see if they seem interested then.

Certian fresh foods and treat can cause an upset tummy as stated. Introduce new fresh foods very slowly and new foods should be introduced over a few days time mixing it with the current food. Hope this helps some

07-30-05, 08:21 pm
Thanks for your help. Peanut went to the vet on Friday. The vet gave him some medicine. One is an antibiotic and the other is to put the bacteria that is supposed to be in his tummy back there. The vet said there was an imballance but that he will be ok.

He also suggested since Peanut will not eat hay to just give him fresh grass from the yard but to wait if the grass has been treated.

Peanut seems to be feeling a lot better. He is out and playing again, his stool is looking better but is not all the way better. Hopefully he is all the way better soon.

Thanks again
~Laura and Peanut

07-30-05, 08:53 pm
Please read this link http://rabbit.org/faq/sections/diet.html#basics It is the link to the House Rabbit association's rabbit diet page.

Rabbits need hay for healthy teeth and gut. You should only be feeding your rabbit 1/4 - 1/2 cup per 6 pounds of the rabbit's weight. Unlimited hay should always be available.

Once a week you should not feed any pellets at all and just offer the rabbit fresh hay. A lot of rabbits do not enjoy hay. By taking away all other food once a week you force them to eat it. Just make sure that on the non-pellet day you replace their hay so it is fresh and at it's most palletable