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07-28-05, 07:18 pm
Hi all,

Until the next release of the software is ready, I am cracking down a bit on photos that are allowed to be posted to the galleries.

The purpose of the photo galleries is NOT to post cute photos of your pigs. Having a pig out for floortime on a piece of newspaper or on a cavy cozy just isn't cutting it anymore. We only have about a couple of hundred of those kinds of photos.

People come to this site to look for ideas and see other people's setups--not another pig in a pigloo photo.

Of course, we're only human and have made the occassional exception for the extraordinarily cute pig photo, a couple come to mind.

Show us photos of your CAGES or ENVIRONMENTS or something related. Think educational.

Thanks so much for everyone's contributions, because that's what makes this site so great. Let's just keep each other in mind when we are uploading photos -- and posting, for that matter.


07-29-05, 09:37 pm
I just wanted to clarify a few things as moderating the gallery has become a bit of a challange lately.

Something else not needed in the gallery at this time are close ups of the same old pigloos and hidey houses that can be bought anywhere. If you have made a unique hidey house then please share the pictures. If it's a common hidey house, cuddle cup, etc, it's not really appropriate to post a picture of it anymore. Standard houses and beds can be seen in almost every cage picture we have in the gallery already.

Posing your beautiful GP next to a toy is not really beneficial either. If it's a picture of a non-typical toy or of a GP using the toy then it is probably good to upload a picture. Please don't plunk a toy next to your GP and try to sneak that picture into the gallery.

Like T said. The gallery is used for people to gather ideas for a cage design, layout and furnishing it. Too many non useful pictures are just more stuff for them to wade through. We want to encourage people to build better cages. Not encourage them to give up and go away because there is just too much info to sort through.

Just ask yourself, "will this picture help someone who is planning on building a C&C cage?" If the answer is honestly yes then post it. If it's no, but you still want to show it off, you can always post it in a thread. We all LOVE to see your silly, pretty piggies...just not in the gallery.

Also, we get so many new photos added to the gallery every day that we can't always PM everyone to let them know that we had to delete a picture. Only expect a PM or email if we had to delete your entire gallery or the vast majority of it.

07-29-05, 09:44 pm
How can I post a picture of my new piggie cage? I had connected my first cage and the second cage so my pigs had more room, and I was told to post some pigtures of that.

07-30-05, 12:16 am
I don't know if you will be allowed to keep photos of the cage you made in the gallery. I don't think it is yet recomended size and we cannot have cages shown that do not meet the guidelines on the website.

You can post a picture of it on a thread though. There are 2 ways you can do it.

Directly onto a thread; you will need to host your photos on the internet. First crop and resize your photos to a workable size (~4x5 is good). Then host your photo someplace like http://putfile.com (http://putfile.com/) (easy to do). Copy the link they give you. Start a thread or if placing it in an existing thread make sure you are in the advanced mode (get there by hitting "go advanced under the quick reply window or hit Post Reply). Write in your text. Then to place your picture go to the tool bar above the text window. See the icon that looks like an envelope (the big one with the spamp on it - not the small one with the piece of paper with it)? Click it. A small window will pop up to paste your photo link into. When done click OK and your picture should appear in the text box.

Note that Putfile at least will give you a whole lot of junk in the link that isn't needed. A Putfile link looks like this <a href='http://www.putfile.com'><img border='0' src='http://x1.putfile.com/8/21520453177.jpg' alt='Hosted by Putfile.com'></a> Take out all of the stuff in red and just use the stuff in blue.

As an attachment; You do not need to host it on the web for this method but you will have to size your picture down to 2.00 MB or less to upload them. Once your resized picture is saved scroll down. Do you see the "Manage Attachments" button? Click it. A window will open to add attachments. Browse, find and add your picture. Then click upload. The window will tell you if you picture was accepted or not. If it wasn't you have to reduce the picture more. If it was then you are all set. Once you are done with your message hit Submit Reply and it will appear as a thumdnail at the bottom of your message.

Hope this helps

09-11-05, 10:37 am
This seems a little off topic but whats the difference between a super mod and a mod of doom and a mega moderator?

09-11-05, 10:47 am
Your question is off topic but I will answer. There is no difference. Me, Voodoo, Salana and Treen are all moderators and all hold the same powers. We can edit and create our own custom moderator titles.

10-16-05, 04:51 pm
Kind off topic, maybe, then again maybe not.. I didn't realize that my current cage did not meet the requirements, and posted a pic.. the picture was deleted due to size, and it inspired me to make a new cage! :) I wasn't quite sure why slightly smaller cages couldn't be posted, but I am now. Thanks. The old cage was just under 2x3 feet, and the new one will be 3.5x3.5 feet (giving my angel 12.25 feet square). Thanks for the inspiration :)

10-16-05, 07:45 pm
Since I am the one that deleted your old cage pic, then I guess I helped to inspire you to make a larger one. If a picture of a cage is posted that does not meet the minimum size requirement, it's not allowed to stay. Pictures of petstore cages are also not allowed if they do not meet the recommended sizes.

10-16-05, 07:53 pm
Which is 100% understandable! I had no idea it was too small, as I said. The big one should be done a week or so from now :)

10-16-05, 08:01 pm
Good job! Can't wait to see the new cage pictures. :)

10-25-05, 01:17 am
If a picture of a cage is posted that does not meet the minimum size requirement, it's not allowed to stay. Pictures of petstore cages are also not allowed if they do not meet the recommended sizes.
I learned that one the hard way... fortunately those were pictures of their old cage, before their new C&C cage.
~Chris S.