View Full Version : puppy pads

07-31-03, 10:40 am
I was wondering if anyone has tried using the pads for training dogs? A friend of mine used them for her floor time but I was wondering about using them in the cage.

Briana D
07-31-03, 01:04 pm
I don't have any experience with puppy pads but be VERY careful with any chewing and ingesting of the material.

01-28-04, 10:54 pm
Puppy pads are great. I put down 2 pads in a 36"x30" clear storage box that I got at Walmart -then cover it with kiln-dryed pine making sure all plastic is covered-then I put a layer of hay on the pine. The pads sure help with oder control and they are very absorbant (rarely ever wet uner pads.) Buster is a happy pig and has no complaints.

04-01-04, 06:22 pm
I did use them for awhile but noticed that the pigs always seemed to get down to them to chew on them. I used them under newspapers but don't use newspapers much anymore.