View Full Version : To Smilie or Not to Smilie, that is the poll

07-28-05, 12:57 pm
I just figured out that I can LIMIT the total number of smilies per post. Actually, the limit is the total number of images and smilies combined per post.

I currently have the image limit set to 5.

I'm considering allowing smilies, since I can limit the number and we won't have the bouncing, annoying ones and we won't have rows upon stupid rows of them.

Tell me what you want.

07-28-05, 01:03 pm
Personally, I like the smilies, they don't annoy me at all.
So I say, keep them.

07-28-05, 01:05 pm
Then please vote! Thx.

07-28-05, 01:16 pm
I voted! I think smilies are cute but 5 per post is way too much. I would say 2 or 3 is good.

07-28-05, 02:02 pm
I voted 5! I think smilies are a great way to show emotion!

07-28-05, 02:25 pm
I think too many smilies is just plain annoying. 2-3 is okay, I think, for a post. 5 is just way too much.

07-28-05, 03:01 pm
2-3 is ok. Especially if you are trying to convey sarcasm or a joke. It may cut down on some of the hurt feelings by people mininterprting what someone writes.

07-28-05, 03:07 pm
I was thinking that too - it may "soften" the tone of the posts

07-28-05, 05:22 pm
? You have it at 5 because that includes pictures correct?

07-28-05, 05:26 pm
Yes. I currently have the picture limit set to 5. So, if I change number to 3 for smilies, you'll also be limited to attaching 3 images per post--which isn't so bad either. If you want to add more, you can start a new post.

07-29-05, 04:17 pm
Okay. The deed is done. HOWEVER, this does not mean we want to see 3 smilies in every post. In fact, we still expect you to refrain from using them. They are NOT punctuation. We don't expect to see smilies in more than about 10% of any one member's posts. Abuse will result in temporary suspension of posting privileges!

07-29-05, 04:40 pm
Can this be where we test the smilies?

07-29-05, 04:49 pm
Sure, if you want. lol

07-30-05, 12:59 am
Okay, I'm going to try a few...
Wonder if they'll work, I saw it in the smily page.

lindsey's boys
07-30-05, 07:25 am
:love: :cool: I like them.

07-31-05, 09:25 am
:soapbox: I like your smilies pack.

07-31-05, 09:32 am
Same here! The smilies look really nice

07-31-05, 10:16 am
I like that when I have to edit out a swear word or rude comment in a post I can replace it with the :censored:

I think Piglet wll be seeing a lot of those in her posts the :censored:ing little potty mouth that she is :mischievo

07-31-05, 10:34 am
I like this one :important. It stands for important and whenever I say something that I really want the members to listen to I will use that one.

07-31-05, 11:58 am
What did you say, Ly? ;)

07-31-05, 12:06 pm
I couldn't resist throwing in the group hug smilie. I'm sure I'll regret it.


Slap Maxwell
07-31-05, 02:22 pm

Hehehe. I like that one.

07-31-05, 02:23 pm
I couldn't resist throwing in the group hug smilie. I'm sure I'll regret it.

Are you going soft on us T?

07-31-05, 02:24 pm

Hehehe. I like that one.
Ohhh! I didn't see that one. That will come in handy.

07-31-05, 02:26 pm
Voodoo, you know I'd much rather prefer a spank ;)

07-31-05, 02:27 pm
Sorry Piglet. I didn't see any spanking smilies for your potty mouth.

07-31-05, 03:31 pm
I just added the offtopic one. I'll have to look for a spanking smilie.

07-31-05, 05:15 pm
Ohhhhh! Pretty!

:silly: :birthday: :listen:

07-31-05, 06:09 pm
I like this hug. It tells the person that I am giving you a hug.:hug: This one is good if I saw something that eeked me out. :eek:

07-31-05, 07:01 pm
I love all the smilies! Every once in awhile someone will mention a thread has been hijacked. capn I found this on another site.

I also found a spanking-smiley one, but its true meaning is a little questionable. I googled for more "smilies", and, man, there are some real nasty ones out there!! :eek:

07-31-05, 07:10 pm
Okay. I added that one. Couldn't resist.

smileyface cavy
08-01-05, 08:22 am
Wow! All these smilies are going to give me a :headache: headache!

08-05-05, 11:34 am
I'm in the minority here, but I don't like smilies. I find them distracting and annoying.

Oh well.

08-05-05, 12:26 pm
Yup, well, none of them are animated and there is a limit of 3. It's a compromise. And hopefully it will help soften up the image a bit.

The Magic Taco
08-05-05, 05:50 pm
I don't like smilies usually, but these are GREAT! :love:offtopic:grouphug:

08-05-05, 06:13 pm
These Smileys ROCK! :crazy: My favorite!

The Magic Taco
08-05-05, 06:38 pm
I love them all!

08-06-05, 01:20 pm
There is a site I know of that has tons of smilies, some are questionable, but only if you serch under those topics. Now if I can only remember what they adress was. Ok, I'll look for the adress, and post it later.

Slap Maxwell
08-06-05, 04:57 pm
I'm in the minority here, but I don't like smilies. I find them distracting and annoying.

Your not alone, Chad.

08-06-05, 07:50 pm
I agree that they may help avoid some hurt feelings. I like the idea of a limit per post.

08-06-05, 11:53 pm
I just want to remind the members that even thought there is a limit of 3 in a post you are not supposed to use smilies in more than 10% of your posts. To quote T, "Abuse will result in temporary suspension of posting privileges!" So to avoid getting suspended (banned temporarily) everyone should only use smilies in one out of 10 posts.

08-07-05, 04:45 pm
I love the smilies they really show the attitude!:cool: I think they are cute and funny!:crazy: I think 5 is a good number per post! Then again I love them and don't get sick of them! That is why I voted 5!

10-31-05, 06:11 pm
I agree that smilies can become annoying, but if this includes images as well then it should be limitless. Just condemn people who use too many smilies in their posts. :tearsofjo

10-31-05, 08:52 pm
I agree with you Mr. Pigglesworth. It does make it difficult to post a series of pictures when you have a limit on them and smilies.

11-01-05, 03:05 am
I voted for 5 as it allows more pics to be posted in a post. I agree with Mr.Piggleworh too.

Just condemn people who use too many smilies in their posts. :tearsofjo

The Magic Taco
11-02-05, 01:32 am
Just wondering, why do I keep getting this thread up in my new posts box when the same person has made the last post?

11-02-05, 09:50 am
I don't know why or what you mean by the same person. If you continue to have a problem, create a new thread as I'm closing this one because the vote is long over. The combined photo/smilie count limit is 5.

11-02-05, 10:08 am
Sorry to bring the thread back up but the reason it keeps coming up is because people keep voting even if they aren't posting. A new vote updates the thread and makes it a "new post".

Now that it's closed and after you muddle through my post it should no longer pop up.