View Full Version : Skin Problems Crusty white belly

02-02-13, 10:54 am
My guinea pig has some crusty white stuff on his belly that I'm not sure what it is. He also has been losing his fur around his back legs and belly. My husband said last night it looked as if he might be having trouble moving his back legs. I don't know if all these problems are related or 3 separate things. Any help would be appreciated. I hope you can see what I am trying to describe in this picture.

02-02-13, 10:57 am
I'm not sure what the crusty white stuff is, it could be boar glue.
I would take him to an exotic animal vet that is cavy savvy asap especially since your husband thinks he might be having trouble moving his back legs.

02-02-13, 11:01 am
The fur loss and difficulty moving are very concerning. Not sure what the white stuff might be. I'd try to see a cavy savvy vet asap.

02-02-13, 11:14 am
Could be fungal, parasites, or maybe urine scald. I would take him into a vet to be treated for whatever is causing the crust/hair loss and for the difficulty moving.

02-02-13, 11:39 am
I agree with everyone else about going to an exotic vet(cavy savvy). None of what you've described (along with visual from picture) looks normal

02-02-13, 12:13 pm
I'm thinking urine scald.

Vet trip, VERY important.

02-02-13, 09:11 pm
Looks more like something fungal. You could try rubbing an over the counter fungal cream on it, several times a day, but I think that everyone is correct and he should see a cavy knowledgeable vet--sometimes a fungal problem to that extent needs oral medication.

An exotics vet, if you can find one.

02-02-13, 10:21 pm
I agree with eveyone else take him to the Vet. If you don't have a vet, you can search on the internet or look up in your yellow pages for one, make calls first. By the way he's a sweet looking little guy.