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02-01-13, 07:06 am
Hi I am a first time "Guinea Pig Cages Website" user, but a long time guinea pig and c&c person. I have two girls, Aggie and Emma. I currently have two 2x4s stacked on top, with swing out doors for easy cleaning. Is there something about guinea pigs that just makes you want more? Their wheeking? The fact that they eat salad? When they popcorn and zoomy? ALL OF ITlol! I think I have started a crazy addiction for piggies. Is it too soon to get more? I have had my piggies 3 years this June. I would like to adopt another piggy (or two), and I am aware of all of the work (extra lettuce, more frequent cage changes, etc) But can anyone tell me, who has more than two piggies, is it a lot of work? I love my girls, will they be angry if I adopt another piggy family member? I know that my rescue has the thing where you bring your piggies to meet other piggies and find a match that get along. My current cage grid size is 8X4 (two 4x2 stacked) I currently have not made the ramp, so they are stuck on one level. Would it be appropriate to have two pigs up and two pigs down, if they don't immediately bond with the other pig pair. If I do add piggies, they will be girls.

I'm not really sure what I am asking, but can someone with three-four piggies comment and tell me about having more?

Cavy Treenie
02-01-13, 07:37 am
It would definately be alright to get a couple more if you are up to it. Remember more veggies, food, and possible vet bills (lets hope not). I have 3 pigs and they are a handful, they need floor time and lap time everyday too. It depends on the guinea pigs you introduce them too, some pigs get on just fine, others....well not so well. It is nice that your shelter has a meet and greet. Guinea pigs can be animals that you just want more and more of them, that is when hoarding may be an issue. You need to know your limit. Before committing to 2 pigs, maybe you could foster to see if you can handle more. I would really consider fostering before adopting so that you are not too overwhelmed. Good luck and we would love to see some pigtures! :)

02-01-13, 09:40 am
Thank you for replying! I defiantly know my limit, that limit would be four. I like PIGtures :) I have my two by four on a two by four, could I keep two on each floor, not knowing of the other pair above/below them? It would be nice if they like each other, that way the ramp could be a go, and I wouldn't need double kitchens. Fostering is actually a good idea, I never thought of it.

Here are my girls lol

02-01-13, 09:59 am
Hi and welcome, cute piggies!

I've thought about adding some more to my duo but the one thing that has really made me pause and think is this; if they don't get along and your bonded pair become un-bonded, are you prepared space wise to be able to make four separate cages in the worst case scenario?

I don't have extra room for more cages and I honestly don't have the heart to split my boys cage in half even if each side would still be way more then sufficient room so I decided not to but if you can make reasonable accommodations in the event of that occurring, then I say go for it! I also think fostering would be a wonderful idea as well and would give you and idea on a more temporary basis of what you are dealing with and if it didn't work out and you had to separate all piggies involved, it would only be until they were adopted to their forever homes.

ETA: Keep in mind also that the sq ft requirements are for the main floor level of your cage, it doesn't include any additions or lofts so for larger numbers kept together, you would need to expand the main floor.

02-01-13, 10:06 am
I have 3 girls. Originally I rescued one female and in my search for a friend for her, I found a mother-daughter bonded pair that I knew needed to have a home here. At first, I was in way over my head. I didn't even have my C&C built yet. Now I've got a 2x6, soon to have a loft, and it's work. As long as you have the room, go for it. It's always a great feeling to know that you save another pig in need :)