View Full Version : looking to adopt.

01-29-13, 02:04 pm
Does anyone have any piggys to adopt out the im located in Utica new york and am not looking to travel for pick up!

01-29-13, 02:05 pm
You could try looking on Craigslist, your local shelter, and pig rescues near you.

01-29-13, 02:08 pm
Try guineapigzone.com , they have tons of pigs. Or go local shelters and rescues.

01-29-13, 03:11 pm
Pet adoption: Want a dog or cat? Adopt a pet on Petfinder (http://Www.petfinder.com)
you can search by your zip code to see what is close by.

01-29-13, 07:52 pm
I'd also suggest posting on Craigslist that you are looking to adopt a piggy. There are people out there looking to rehome but who aren't really sure what to do/where to go. Can't hurt to try if the other avenues don't work out for you. Best of luck!