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01-28-13, 05:27 pm
My guinea pig seems to be biting and itching a spot on his fur. It looks fine to me and I cant see anything there... What is this? He is very jumpy too, so maybe that has something to do with it? HELP! My mom wont take him to the vet, but she is willing to buy treatment.:/

01-28-13, 05:32 pm

I think it would be more likely that it's mites than fleas. If it's fleas then you should be able to see them crawling around in his fur. However you can't see mites.
You can go ahead and treat with Ivermectin, if he doesn't have mites it won't hurt to treat him anyways as long as the correct dose is given. Do not treat him if you are unsure that the dose is correct. Overdoses can be deadly.
Your guinea pig needs to weigh at least 350 grams before he can be treated with ivermectin.

01-28-13, 05:54 pm
See the link Aleks gave you. You can treat for mites yourself. The supplies are available from This Little Piggie Marketplace, which has a new URL: This Little Piggie Marketplace - Welcome to TLP Marketplace! (http://www.tlpmarketplace.com/). The pour-on type ivermectin is often easier for newbies to measure and administer. Be sure to get some 1 ml syringes (without needles) -- you'll need them for measuring.

01-28-13, 07:28 pm
Hmm.. I know that this is the stupidest question, but how is the ivermectin administered?:) I know that its pour on, but would you wet him or what would you do? My mom is picking it up from work tomorrow.

01-28-13, 08:05 pm
Sundaexoxo You apply it on the bald spots behind their ears.

01-28-13, 09:02 pm
It depends on the type you get. Some types are meant for oral use, others for topical use.

01-28-13, 09:07 pm
If you get the pour on (that's what I got from Amazon because it seemed easier than diluting the horse kind I found at the store) it only ends up being a drop or so behind each ear. Very simple, then you kind of use their skin to rub it in and send them on their way.

Do you have a kitchen scale to get a good accurate weight?

01-29-13, 04:29 pm
Yes, I'll measure his weight tonight. We got the pour on kind today. I'll treat him tomorrow because I have volleyball practice tonight. How would it get all of the mites off if its only applied to the bald spots behind his ears?? Just want as much info as possible:)

01-29-13, 04:33 pm
I'm fairly certain it just absorbs into their skin, killing the mites. Think of it like this; When you put revolution on a cat to treat them for fleas you put it in one area (at the base of the neck, above the shoulder blades). It still kills all of the fleas even though it was applied in one specific area.

01-29-13, 04:37 pm
OHH!:D that makes a lot more sense now! Haha

01-29-13, 04:37 pm
Make sure you mark it on the calendar so you can re apply in 10 days or so :)

01-29-13, 04:38 pm
I'll make sure to mark it!!

01-29-13, 07:11 pm
It's advised to re-apply in 7 to 10 days. I like to do it every week for three treatments.

02-08-13, 05:32 pm
Ok, so today I was looking at my piggie just before giving him a bath and I saw that he has little white dots all over his fur!!:( Does anyone know what that is? They dont appear to be moving at all though..

02-08-13, 05:36 pm
Do you have a clear picture? It might help to help identify.

02-08-13, 05:39 pm
no, sorry my cam wont work with my computor right now but heres some extra info: He itches and trys to nip at his fur, so we ordered some ivermectin online and it should be here next week. Do you think maybe its just dandruf?

02-08-13, 05:41 pm
If you are seeing white dots attached to the fur, it could be lice (A different lice that we get).

02-08-13, 05:45 pm

Is it the same problem that you posted about back here?

If so, it's probably a critter like mites or lice. It could possibly be dandruff but if you recently got your pig and if he was from a pet store especially, they seem to tend to come home with some sort of critter problem.

Check these links to see if you can identify it:


And if there is any hair loss: http://www.guinealynx.info/hairloss.html

02-08-13, 06:41 pm
There is no hair loss, and it is almost the same thing, but before i didn't see the white specks. Would the ivermectin treat the lice? We are getting it in about a week as I said, and I got my piggie over the summer from a friend(Who i talked about in my rant on one post)

02-08-13, 06:51 pm
I believe so, but hopefully somebody with more info will help out here. You can look at the guinealynx site for lice & ivermectin but personally, I would take him into a cavy vet to make sure that is what it is. You could end up spending weeks treating something incorrectly when you should be treating with something else.

My Chocolate had mites and we did the Revolution from the vet which cleared it up pretty quickly so I don't have any experience using Ivermectin. Sorry I can't be more help!

02-08-13, 06:55 pm
Hmm. My little butty has little white flecks in his hair as well, and it was lice. I got prescribed Revolution when I went to the vet. I have heard it is pretty good. They even let me store the leftover there in my file so that I will have backups just in case.

02-08-13, 06:56 pm
thank you! i will use my ivermectin and if that dosnt work then I will buy whatever it takes!

02-08-13, 07:02 pm
Have you taken him to a vet yet? I really recommend regular vet visits just like any other pet. It amazes me how many people think that they don't have to take their piggies to the vet. Actually when I walked in with Tobias, a guy there with his dog asked what I had. Told him it was a guinea pig, and he said, "Wow.. I didn't think about taking those type of animals to the vet!" So i said, "Yeah, its a pet, so I really like to take him to make sure he is doing okay, just like with your puppy."

02-08-13, 07:09 pm
I've been saving up for the vet:) My mom disagrees totally with the fact that we should take him at all:( but as long as I pay for it then I'm sure she'll drive me, if not then I'll get my brother to:D Some people think that small animals in general shouldn't be taken but when I say what about your dog? they say that it's different... Really? cause' piggies are just like dogs.. Except they purr lol

02-08-13, 11:20 pm
I merged your two threads on this issue together. You can add any more on this thread.

The ivermectin would work for lice or mites if used topically.