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01-28-13, 04:54 pm
Hi everyone
I was hoping someone may have some ideas as to what might be wrong with my 12 week old sow.
A quick history....
I had one lonely 18 month old sow in a 2 x 4 cage.
In December I rescued two 5 week old sows.
Both put on weight well for 6 weeks. 18 month old was/is a bit bolshy with them but never more than rumbling and nudging.
Last week I got them a new cage which is 2 x 4 but with a 2 x 2 on the side to make a large L (thought extra space may reduce some of the rumbling.)
Two days later I weighed babies (now 12 weeks) and Luna had lost 50g (490g to 440g)since I weighed them the week before.
She has also been a bit more distant than normal and not lying down to sleep but standing, a little hunched up.
Took her to an exotics vet last week who could find no problems with teeth, heart, skin and so told me to monitor her for a few days.
In the last week she has had moments of normality (sat on top of the arch) but has also still seemed quiet. I think she is eating well. She loves grass, wolfs down veggies and always comes running when I put fresh hay or readi grass in the cage but she has only put on 6g in a week. (I have also been syringe feeding a small amount of critical care in the moring to try and get her going).
I WILL taker her back to the vets in a couple of days but I wonder if any of YOU had any thoughts.
I have had GPs for 5 year and this has really stumped me as there is no obvious problem. She is pooing (havent seen her wee but i hardly see them do that), her front teeth are straight and she doesnt seem to be dropping food, her skin in clear.....I am at a loss.
Would like some ideas for when I return to the vet so I can bpunce ideas off him (he is talking about blood tests next whixh I would like to avoid if possible)

Many many thanks Coco, Teddy & Luna's mum! x

01-28-13, 06:32 pm
I have read this before. Usually when guineas will stand alone all haunched up in a corner it is a signal of depression. Was she like this before getting the babies? Depression can kill them.

01-28-13, 06:53 pm
CavieCapital??? Hu,h have never heard that before and I've been doing guinea pig stuff for 10 years, maybe possible. Generally all haunched up in a corner means that she is in pain. If there is nothing visible with the skin it could still be mites...


01-28-13, 06:56 pm
I've never heard of depression killing guinea pigs.

Did the vet check for stones? Hunched up pig could mean bladder stones.

Did the vet listen to her lungs? This could also be sign of URI.

01-28-13, 07:03 pm
Could it be a stomach bug? I would say let the vet do blood tests, just to rule out any other possibilities.

01-28-13, 08:28 pm
When a guinea pig becomes depressed they begin to loss interest in normal activities. In time they will eat less and less. It may not happen all at once but over a period of time. And yes depression in guinea pigs can cause death. You can read about it in books. A piggy with a URI or stomach bug will show symptoms including a runny discharge from the nose. Bladder stones in piggies is rare. Pray animals will not exhibit pain. It is a natural instinct to hide pain. My advice to you is to separate the two young piggies for some time. If the adult does not improve then consult a exotic veterinarian.

01-28-13, 08:47 pm
CavieCapital, please don't post medical advice until you have been a member for awhile.

Bladder stones in guinea pigs are not rare. One has only to look at the posts here and over at Guinea Lynx regarding all the pigs with bladder stone problems.

A runny nose is not a sign of a stomach bug.

All animals exhibit pain. Standing hunched in a corner is a sure sign of pain.

01-28-13, 09:04 pm
Have you watched her eat to make sure she was getting enough food? I introduced two babies (10 weeks) to an older submissive sow (at least 2). There was some weight loss in the beginning but things seem to have evened out. I think it was a combo of not eating the same as before and not being so sedentary. The girls around that age (heck, they still are) were so bratty. I think it was hard for her to go from a quiet life to dealing with 2 bickering teenagers lol How is she drinking? I would try to do some more observations at meal times and peek in if you hear the babies squabbling to see if she is getting in the middle of it. My older sow took a long time to relax again, she seemed to always be on guard (well, even more than usual piggy on guard). I wish I had some better advice for you. The sitting scrunched up is throwing me off a bit.

I could see mites being an issue, if they were brought in on the new girls. How is she when you handle her? Is she itching at all? Any bald spots anywhere?

01-31-13, 10:03 am
Hi everyone. Thank you so much for your input. I hand fed Luna ( she's actually one of the younger sows NOT the older one - sorry for any confusion) a small amount of critical care for four mornings to try and get her going. I'm am please to say that the 6g weight gain three days ago is now a total of 30g!!!
I don't know if we are out of the woods yet but things are looking up. She is pop Corning and a lot more active. Goodness knows what the problem was (three days of snow so no fresh grass? Change of cage being disruptive?) but after a week of being very miserable she is a lot more like her old self :-)