View Full Version : Semi-new, nice to meet you!

01-28-13, 05:23 am
I've made a thread previously, so i've already got to chat with a few of you, but i figure i'd post a proper intro!
Boyfriend and i are recent new parents of two beautiful boys. They're still a bit skittish but they've already made a huge dent in our hearts and lives and we love them both very much.

Here's a video of the two of them i took just tonight, we let them explore around on the bed c:


The calico one is Moonbear (moon/moonie) and the brown one is Barret.
(the names are from video game characters, bf and i are nerds, ahah)

very happy to be part of this forum family and i hope to continue learning and meeting the lot of you!

01-28-13, 05:39 am
You have such cute pigs! I love their names c: So cute!

01-28-13, 05:53 am
thank you so much!
and ahhh i adore your piggies as well!! ; u ;

01-28-13, 06:50 am
Welcome your pigs are so cute! Also is Barret from rune factory 2?

01-28-13, 06:55 am
Thank you!!
maybe! i've actually never played RF2, only the third one and um... Tides of Destiny? a wii one, can't remember ahah.
We got Barret from Final Fantasy 7, actually. Boyfriend thought it would be a funny name.. we always jokingly say what (guinea) barret is thinking in FF7 barret's voice/mannerisms xD