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07-27-05, 11:53 am
I just got 25 pounds of hay fromm Kleenmamma(YAY!) and in my excitement I took both of the bags out of the box and when the bags were out the hay expanded, now they won't both fit back in the box. So I tried to make the cardboard box bigger by using peices of the box from my last order of hay and duct tape. Let's just say that isn't working.

So, my question is, how should I store it? Should I get a plastic bin and leave the lid off? Should I try to find a cardboard box big enough for both? Where would you even get a cardboard box? Please help me out.

07-27-05, 12:35 pm
Can you store one bag back in the box it came in? If you can, take the hay out of the plastic and just put it in the box and get another cardboard box big enough to store the rest of the hay.

You can usually get empty cardboard boxes from grocery stores.

07-28-05, 03:43 pm
Unless your in a really dry climate you shouldn't leave the hay in the plastic bags anyway. Moisture will collect and cause moldy hay. Hay needs to breathe to stay dry and mold free. I usually keep the box from my last order so when I get a split order I can dump one kind in the old box and one kind in the new box. If you can't find another box getting a storage bin and leaving the lid off might work. Again it depends on your climate. If your looking at really high humidity it might mold. Paper bags might work for now too but it will be a real mess getting the hay into the bags. I also have a small zippable plastic bag(from a blanket purchase) that holds about 3 days worth of hay which I use to carry hay inside to the cages. Doesn't make a mess and doesn't mold in that short of time.

07-28-05, 06:31 pm
I wrote kleemania with this question as far as storing the hay. She told me that I can keep the hay in the bag it came in just leave the top opened and keep it stored inside where its dry. I have kept it this way with no problem.