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01-27-13, 04:44 am
I'm going to get two young pups and wanted to know if I need to change anything to my c&c cage because of there size. Also I'm looking to get a dog carrier I not sure of the measurements but anyone know if it said 10-15 pound it would be okay to transport 2 pigs in? Here is a photo of them just 2 days old.

01-27-13, 05:55 am
Check the cages in the photo section of the forum and go to the baby-proofing part. Baby piggies can get their heads stuck in between the grid holes so you need to overlap the grids for 2 months or so, until their heads are too big for the grid holes. Those babies are the cutest!!!:D

01-27-13, 06:00 am
Is this a breeder? I seriously hope that's not a male with the mother. Makes me really sad to look at.
The conditions are terrible, and if it's a breeder I would not want to support them at all, or make "room" for more pigs in that home.

01-27-13, 08:23 am
I second what HannibalLecter said. The first thing I noticed before anything else was the cage size, the cramped conditions and the fact that there appears to be two large guinea pigs in the cage. Presumably a mother and a father.
I seriously wouldn't buy from that person. All the signs of a hobby breeder.

01-27-13, 08:47 am
If the photo is from a breeder, I would not recommend buying from them. They do not necessarily have very healthy pigs and it's very hard on the sows (who can die of it)

If that's not a breeder and you do end up getting baby piggies, you will need to baby proof your C and C. The holes in mormal 9x9 grids are big enough for baby pigs to escape through or even get stuck in, and so most members use two grids placed slightly apart to make the holes smaller -

http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/data/532/1all.jpg (http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/baby-proofing/p501-regular-grid-vs-double-grid-vs-kid-s-grid.html)

You can use cable-ties to hold them in place -
http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/data/532/medium/1DSC06804.JPG (http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/baby-proofing/p499-top-right-1-4-openings.html)

Your cage will look something like this when finished:
http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/data/532/CageFront612.jpg (http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/baby-proofing/p22854-baby-proofed-2x4-with-lid-front-view.html)

01-28-13, 05:27 am
I already told her about the size of her cage and told her to look up c&c cages. She told me she was not a breader that she just has recived the 2 adults from her friend. And that she did not have the room in her dorm to have many cages. If she is a breader I think shes a responsable one minuse the cage as to not letting me get any until there off moms milk. Ill be sure to get 8 extra grids.

01-28-13, 05:51 am
Please let her know to separate the baby boys from mom and sisters at 3 weeks of age. They could impregnate mom and sisters.

I do not think she's a responsible breeder if she allows the dad to stay in the same cage after birth. It could result in back to back pregnancy. This is very hard on the sow.

If you do decide to get the babies, you can transport them with a dog carrier.