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01-26-13, 11:36 pm
Ok so I have my 2 boys in a 2x3 and They have an XL pigloo and a couch and they take up a lot of room. I also added a mini kitchen loft/lounge space since they kept getting bedding in their bowl and I didn't want them to be eating it by accident. I'm wondering if I would be better off adding a kitchen loft or a sleep loft to give them more floor space. Here is a pic of the current setup. Thoughts/suggestions? Thanks!

01-26-13, 11:47 pm
A 2x3 is too small for two boys. So yes, add a loft at least. The more space, the better.

01-26-13, 11:52 pm
Ok second question. Since my coroplast is already perforated for my 2x3, is there any way to add some coroplast or something so i dont have to buy a whole new sheet? I have some left over but its not big enough to make a whole nother cage, but I could add another 1x2 section, plus the loft i just dont know how to add on to my existing coroplast.

01-26-13, 11:52 pm
Is it possible to make it a 2x4??

01-27-13, 12:00 am
Since your cage is on the floor why not just use tape so it won't slide? I don't have coro so i just use a shower curtain for now. So im not so sure..

A 2x5 is recommended by the way.

Lets hope someone can fix your problem soon :p

01-27-13, 12:04 am
the reference i keep seeing on here pertaining to cage size is this website Guinea Pig Cages, Your Cavy At Home (http://www.guineapigcages.com/) and it says 2x3 minimum 2x4 preferred. Could I maybe hot glue it together? =/ I do want to make it 2x4 I'm just not sure how with my coro already cut to size.

01-27-13, 12:36 am
Taping coroplast works just fine for me. I had to take two small pieces for a bunkbed and it worked just fine. A nice roll of masking tape is all it took. :) As long as the piggies cant eat the tape you should be good. And tape is usually water-proof so that should not be an issue.

01-27-13, 01:25 am
I just made a cage with political signs. A family member helped me hold them tight and I used clear packing tape. When possible, I offset seams, but that was just me being extra crazy about being extra perfect. It's working fine. I've cleaned it 3 times already and the clear tape isn't budging.

01-27-13, 05:40 am
the reference i keep seeing on here pertaining to cage size is this website Guinea Pig Cages, Your Cavy At Home (http://www.guineapigcages.com/) and it says 2x3 minimum 2x4 preferred. Could I maybe hot glue it together? =/ I do want to make it 2x4 I'm just not sure how with my coro already cut to size.

This is referred to mainly for sows. If it were for boars it would probably say something along the lines of 2 X 4 minimum, 2 X 5 or more preferred. :)

01-27-13, 05:55 am
Our piggies LOVE having their lofts. We don't have as much floor space, so we had to get creative with building UP. We have 2x3 on the bottom, 1x2 middle floor, and an L-shape on the top that is made from 4 cubes...so basically a 1x3 plus 1x1. I actually think the girls prefer having those ramps to run up than the floor area! They go up and down and up and down when they are doing their exercising. :) You can use your extra coroplast to build the loft and then add the ramp to go up to it. You will need more grids to add the loft.

01-27-13, 08:53 am
I would not use a loft with their current cage because the ramp would take away from their running space. If at all, a half-loft such as this one -
http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/data/506/medium/IMG_13991.JPG (http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/open-multi-level/p17606-2x6-cage-for-3-boys.html)

It's at a height that they can jump easily but without a ramp as an obstacle.

While the main site does say 2x3 is minimum for two pigs, most members have found from experience that 2x4 to 2x5 is preferable for boys as they can have their skirmishes. If you want to extend your cage, normal packing tape or duct tape can be used to attach more coro pieces to add on to your coroplast base. Just unfold the 'box' shape, attach some more coroplast, score the newly added piece, and re-fold.

01-27-13, 08:57 am
ok I will try the tape to add another 1x2 to their cage plus a loft. will post pictures for approval later! thanks everyone! you are all so helpful!

01-27-13, 09:00 am
A 2x4 at least or a 2x5 if possible would be a lot better. Just be careful with those 8 hole grids as piggie heads can get stuck in them.

01-27-13, 09:18 am
Oh goodness, I didn't even notice the grids!
8x8s are not safe for the pigs as they can get their heads stuck in them. You can either use more grids to baby-proof, or just increase the coroplast walls of your cage to prevent them from getting at them.

01-27-13, 09:19 am
ok i might have to do some rearranging in their room, but i will make it bigger. thanks!

01-27-13, 09:28 am
I wouldn't add a loft until the cage is bigger, ramps to lofts have a tendency to take away from floor space. Although there are ways to make the ramp go on the outside of the cage, but i'm not exactly sure how people do that. :P

01-27-13, 10:04 am
I would strongly suggest you upgrade to a 2x5 before you even look at a loft! And if you do add a loft, try and put the ramp on the outside of the cage.

01-27-13, 01:21 pm
Sorry, I should have been more clear about the sow cage sizes vs boar cage sizes. I have two boys so I'm just use to 2x4/2x5 being recommended.

I'm glad to hear you're going to be making it into a 2x4 first. They'll love it! I also adore Cavylier's half-loft suggestion. Not only could it be used as a kitchen, but they could also sleep under it.

01-27-13, 02:35 pm
About C&C Cages - C&C Cages for Guinea Pigs (http://www.guineapigcagesstore.com/about-candccages)

here it is the same chart, (made by the same person too) except this one tells you that you go up one cage size for groups of all males.

01-27-13, 03:32 pm
About C&C Cages - C&C Cages for Guinea Pigs (http://www.guineapigcagesstore.com/about-candccages)

here it is the same chart, (made by the same person too) except this one tells you that you go up one cage size for groups of all males.

Yes, I've updated the cage size chart so it is more clear and makes more sense.

But, most people used to going by the existing chart on the main site.

The situation with boars basically depends on your boars -- how well bonded they are. There are no hard and fast rules. Of course, bigger is always better, but you have to have take all factors into consideration.

As I upgrade the main site, I'll replace the existing chart with the new one.

The point about cage size has already been made multiple times now and doesn't need to be made yet again. Thanks.

01-27-13, 04:58 pm
Re the loft: A little tip if you make it, add a piece of wood under it, it will add more stability. Here is a photo from the photo gallery here on GPC to show you what I am talking about: (NOT my photo.)

http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/data/506/0117002238.jpg (http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/open-multi-level/p20079-2x3-with1x3-loft-kitchen.html)

you could also do this width wise instead of length wise like this photo:


01-27-13, 05:34 pm
For the loft support the cage store has metal flat rods that are perfect!! :)

01-27-13, 05:45 pm
Yeah! or you could use a grid stand to support a floating loft.

01-27-13, 06:47 pm
oh my goodness. sounds like I have some work to do tonight! I have no clue how I would get the ramp outside of the cage though =/ anyone have pics or ideas about that? when I make it 2x4 can I still keep my kitchen area or do I need to fix that too? I'm just worried about them eating their bedding. I will also make the coro higher so their little heads don't get stuck or I will offset more grids on the outside so the holes are half the size. Ugh. they are also in a room with a couple other cages, a large book shelf, and a deep freeze so there's not much room to make it a 2x5, but I would like to! We are adding an entry onto our house this summer so the deep freeze and book shelf will be gone giving me more room to expand and by that time they will be about a year old so that will be ok I think. I used this type of cage for a hedgehog before but there weren't nearly this many "rules" as hedgehogs run on wheels and dont need as much floor space. any other suggestions on how to keep my boys happy in their cage? thank you everyone for all your help and not barking/lecturing me! I love this site!

01-27-13, 07:21 pm
and honestly if I don't need a loft i'd rather avoid it lol

01-27-13, 07:23 pm
Try looking through the ramps section in the photo gallery. It should have a few. Here is one that I found:

It's NOT mine by the way.

A 2x4 is perfectly fine so don't fret over it too much!
Other ways to keep them happy... I noticed you only have one hidey house. Two would be better even though that one is big. Two water bottles are better than one. Where is your hay by the way? I can't see it in the photo.
If you're worried about them eating soiled bedding, why not try fleece? You could also make a fleece forrest, bent grid tunnels, and cuddle cups for them to play with and sleep in.

I love this site as well! I learn new stuff all the time :D

01-27-13, 07:39 pm
Here is what I did to my cage. I just got my guinea pigs a month ago and originally bought a 2x3. Three weeks later I found myself wanting to add a kitchen area so I kept the original 2x3 coroplast and cut a 1x2 coroplast and placed them next to each other in the 2x4 cage. I cut down the edge in between the two so they could jump over and used binder clips to secure the two coroplast together. I tried putting a little bridge over the middle but they weren't to interested in going over it so for now they just jump over. I just did this last week so I'm seeing how it works for now.

01-27-13, 08:08 pm
I had fleece with my hedgehog and it was a huge pain in the butt! I don't always have time to spot clean every day, so it didn't really work that well for me. Hay is in that green bin at the bottom....kinda hard to see the hay since its exactly the same color as the bin lol plus it was a bit low as I had just gone in to do my daily duties. @mrjkmom (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/member.php?u=26538) , do those corners on your coro bother your piggies at all? i really like that idea cuz that way I dont hafta try to tape anything lol! I plan on making them a fleece forest...those look so fun I kinda want one for myself haha! @Okiesmokes (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/member.php?u=26333) I love that cage though!

01-27-13, 08:34 pm
The ramp for my loft is in the cage, but moved away from the side. My girls do their zoomies just fine around the perimeter of the cage. They also zoom up and down the ramp. I like having the kitchen loft so the have the full 2x4 to run. I also kicked out a grid on the bottom (sort of making an L) and that's where I put their tent...again to give them them the room to run. They have other hideys as well that stay in the middle of the cage (they do move the pigloo around tho).

01-27-13, 09:15 pm
The reason it is cut out in the middle twice like that is because the bridge that I had in there fit right in the middle and made it all flush so there were no corners. They would just stand at the bottom of the bridge and then try to jump over it so I took it out and they seem to like just going over the lower part of the wall. I just did this last weekend so if I end up leaving it like this without a bridge I will either round off the corners or cut the whole thing down low so it is all at one height because the corners are a little sharp.

01-27-13, 10:37 pm
can i make a 1x2 half loft?

01-27-13, 11:12 pm
OK nevermind that last question.... mrjkmom hope you don't mind me stealing your idea! Question on her cage setup though....can I put fleece or something else in the kitchen or will it just gather bedding or is there something else I can put in there?

01-28-13, 12:58 am
OOOOOOK! I think I'm done now....if not, feel free to throw some more ideas my way! Here are the pics of the final product, but please note i took the first 4 pics before I put the ramp to the kitchen in! Again, if you feel I need to change/add/subtract something, PLEASE tell me! Oh and another note, the grids in the front will be fixed tomorrow(i ran out of zip ties lol), but I did add coro in some places, made the new coro higher, and added grids in other spots. THANK YOU EVERYONE!


view into kitchen


living space

ramp into kitchen(it is attached underneath)