View Full Version : grid sources in Canada

08-16-02, 11:36 am
Everyone seems to know that Costco sells the grids. I bought them there for $19.99 for a 17 grid set. For those of you not near a Costco, you can also get them at Staples.ca website, although they cost twice as much - $38.43 for a 17 grid pack. They ship free for orders over $50 but you cannot get them in the retail store. The product number is 46414 ... just type that in the search window. Hope this helps.

08-17-02, 10:40 am
I also saw them at WalMart in Newmarket the other day. However they were only 12 per pack and $19.99 (i think). They are a different brand than the costco ones and are multicolored. They were in the back to school section.