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01-24-13, 10:56 am
Okay so my bunny is now 9 weeks old and she will be spayed in April and im planning on getting her a nueter boyfriend. My question is should I wait until she is spayed until I get her a nuetered friend so their bonding won't be interupted when she needs her surgery or should I go ahead and get her a nuetered friend now? Im pretty sure that I should wait but I just wanted to check and make sure. Thanks!:)

01-24-13, 10:59 am
I'm trying to think what my bunny obsessed friend told me... I think she said as long as one are fixed your good to go? My own guinea pig personal suggestion is get him now, let them bond, have her fixed but in a different cage. Put the cages right next door to each other and once she is healed, put them in thesame cage again.

01-25-13, 10:55 pm
Will you be getting the second rabbit from a rescue? I'm personally leaning on getting him now as they might bond easier baby to adult but if you are getting from a rescue it would be best to ask them their personal advice.

01-25-13, 11:08 pm
Only one needs to be fixed to prevent pregnancy.

01-25-13, 11:18 pm
Only one needs to be fixed to prevent pregnancy.

yes, but with rabbits spaying/neutering prevents pee spraying, aggressiveness, and other issues. So it's good to have both rabbits done.

01-26-13, 01:46 am
Yes I will be getting the second bun from a rescue I'm supposed to be stopping by there next week(they have a bunny boutique with lots of toys and neat stuff for bunnies) and I will definitely ask them :) I've just heard that sometimes rabbits that were once bonded before the second one being spayed/neutered became unbonded and I wouldn't want that happening /:

01-29-13, 02:07 pm
My rabbits never had an issue with one or the other getting fix and unbonding. I kept them separated for a few days to let one heal but they were next to each other and l let them out supervised together.

01-29-13, 07:46 pm
i think if you get a nueterd male before shes spayed it would be better, so they can grow up together

02-05-13, 02:42 pm
Just thought I'd let you guys know that I talked to the people at my rescue and they said that I should wait until I get him neutered (turns out she is actually a he!) so there won't be any issues because of the hormones... So I'm going to start looking for a friend for him about a month after I get him neutered I can't wait!! :)

02-05-13, 05:24 pm
Good! I would probably wait with a boy bunny as well. Can't wait to see pics.

02-05-13, 09:51 pm
Here are some pics of the bunny I have right now :) I'm still trying to figure out a new name for him because his name was Chloe haha so I need to think of something my manly haha any ideas?? :)
He likes to sleep :)
And clean himself and then lick my face haha :) <3
I love him!!

02-05-13, 10:17 pm
He's so cute! What about Cole for a name?