View Full Version : Impaction smaller poops - should i be concerned

01-24-13, 05:20 am
So i have a cage with two female guinea pigs and i have noticed recently that their poops have decreased in size.
I've searched up a bit about the poop thing but i do not think that this is due to dehydration as i have made sure that there's enough water supplied for them 24/7.
Their appetite doesnt seem to have changed. still very interested in veggies, active, everything seems to be fine.
They also did not lose any weight.

1 guinea pigs is ~2 years old now and one is ~ 1 year and 4 months old.
Any comments appreciated.

01-24-13, 05:23 am
Just because the water is supplied doesn't necessarily mean they are going to drink it. Feed veggies with high amounts of water (Not too much though). You may need to syringe feed them water.

01-24-13, 05:29 am
I've been giving them a bit of watermelon and cucumber recently due to the hot weather......
And i could see them drinking water everyday...though not sure how much in exact.

01-24-13, 06:11 am
going to separate them for the night to see who's producing the small poops.

01-24-13, 10:17 am
Do you weigh them? If one isn't feeling good and not eating or drinking as much, they will weigh less. It's recommended to weigh pigs weekly to make sure, and in a case like this weigh daily.