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07-26-05, 10:01 pm
This morning I got the weekly paper and there was an ad in it for a free guinea pig. I made the call to inquire about the pig because I can't stand to see a pig in need of a home that might end up as snake food. So I went to the peoples house and they said they were getting rid of the pig because they are moving and can't take it (typical story).

This pig was in a cage no bigger than my smallest hamster cage. The cage had cedar in it, no hay in sight and I was told the pig has never had hay. No veggies either. Pig had never had veggies. Only hartz pellets and water. The water bottle looked disgusting. No hidey house or anything for this poor baby in the cage. Nothing! I was so incredibly angry but I controlled myself. The people said I could have her if I wanted her. There was no way after seeing her in those conditions that I could have left her there. They offered me the cage, but I was so angry that I said no. They gave me a bag with her food in it. I brought the food home and threw it in the dumpster.

Anyway, Annie Booberry (her new name because I never asked what her name was) is here with me. She is a silkie/sheltie. Her fur was in horrid conditions, it was all knotted up and tangled. Her nails were way too long and curled under. She is mostly brownish/black and white. Tomorrow she is getting a bath, she might be all black instead of brownish/black under the dirt, then she is getting treated for mites. She is in quarantine in the playpen in my living room. She can actually run now. She has been running around quite a bit since being here. I don't know how old she is but she appears to be an adult by size. I will try to take some pictures of her tomorrow as I have stressed her enough for tonight.

07-26-05, 10:03 pm
poor piggie:(. I am glad you took her what if some idiot took her and treated her like they did!

07-26-05, 10:24 pm
what if some idiot took her and treated her like they did!
The idiots already had her! I didn't want to see her end up as snake food or in another bad home.

07-26-05, 10:32 pm
LOL...I think Amfeider meant what if she ended up in another bad home. You have "new Guinea Pig brain" LY, you aren't thinking straight.

Well, I already said my congrats on the IM but I can say again Thank You for doing the right thing despite having your hands full and a tight budget. I know it's hard to do it sometimes but when a neglected little critter needs someone it's good to know that there are people willing to strech their money and time a little further and think outside their supposed limitations.

Now we need those pictures. You know the rules. Pictures or I won't post the new ones I took of Lil Ly.

07-26-05, 11:40 pm
awwww. That's so great. Those are the special pigs. Enjoy.

07-27-05, 05:16 am
Aww, bless. Good for you for taking Annie away from such a horrible home.

07-27-05, 06:30 am
You had to take her, no question about it. Things will work out ok, I am sure.
Annie, you just had the best luck of your life by meeting Ly!

07-27-05, 07:27 am
That's great that you took her in. I'm sure she'll have quite a luxurious life with you. And I love her name!

Slap Maxwell
07-27-05, 10:58 am
How great of you, Ly! Now this pig will be treated the way she should have been her whole life.

07-27-05, 11:43 am
I took a soda box and stuffed it very full of hay when I got her home. Boo has eaten over half of it since yesterday afternoon. I stuffed it full again this morning. She only nibbled a tiny bit on some lettuce. I think if she's not eating veggies by the time she's intro'd to the other girls, they will teach her how to eat them. I am supplementing her with Vitamin C right now.

I have to get Bubba ready to go meet his new mommy in the morning. Mamaroo is the lucky lady. He will have a great home with her. Now, I still have to talk my mom into taking Patch as a buddy for Mr. Wheek Wheek (formerly Fudgie).

07-27-05, 11:48 am
Congrats on taking in a rescue, hope she settles in nicely for you.

07-27-05, 11:49 am
Glad she's loving her hay. She'll catch onto veggies in no time. Besides, since she's never had veggies it's best she start slow anyway.

07-27-05, 12:20 pm
Yep, I have only offered a couple types of lettuce so far. I keep trying. I might see if she will eat some green pepper when I get home tonight.

07-27-05, 12:38 pm
Where are the pictures!?

07-27-05, 12:50 pm
That is so great that you rescued her in time. How can people be so ignorant :(

I can't wait to see pics :)

07-27-05, 12:57 pm
I went and got her so I could do pics. She cried a little when I picked her up for her photo shoot. Here are the pics:




07-27-05, 01:02 pm
She's sooo cute!!!!Aww, congrats on your new piggy!!

07-27-05, 01:55 pm
Aww she reminds me of my rabbit Patches when I got him. I betcha she's supposed to have black spots of color but, like Patches the rabbit, they look brown because of malnutrition.

I would not be surprised if she blew her coat dramatically and grew in healthy black hair once some decent food has been put into her regularly.

07-27-05, 02:04 pm
She is absolutely beautiful! I would steal her if I were closer.

07-27-05, 04:01 pm
Congratulations on rescuing that poor piggie. She will be a very happy little girl she living with you. Even in her malnourished state she is beautiful

07-27-05, 05:14 pm
Congrats on your new piggers Ly! Boo is absolutly gorgeous!
I'm so glad you were able to find her and give her such a great home. Let us know how things turn out with her.

07-27-05, 06:03 pm
Aw, Ly, that piggie must be so grateful! Bless your heart for giving such a poor piggie a loving home. You did the right thing!

07-27-05, 06:55 pm
She is very cute. I'm glad you have her now. She'll get the love she's been needing.

07-27-05, 08:46 pm
She is beautiful. I hope she finds a home she truly deserves, if she doesn't stay with you!

07-28-05, 07:16 am
She's adorable! Thank goodness you got her!

07-28-05, 09:33 am
OHhh. So cute! I am really proud of you for taking her in. You did an awsume thing! That pig must be in seventh-heaven right now! :0)

07-28-05, 12:23 pm
She is SO cute! It's a good thing you got to have her!

07-28-05, 06:29 pm
Boo is already in her forever home, right here with me. Thanks everyone for your nice comments.

My Baby Mu
07-28-05, 06:43 pm
She is so cute. Good thing you got her.

08-01-05, 12:29 pm
New pics of Boo. She is settling in very nicely. She has had her first ivermectin treatment and a bath. She loves floortime, she is turning out to have a great personality. She cries a little when I pick her up but she doesn't run from me much and she loves to be petted in and out of her temp cage. After I got all the dirt off her, I found out she is satin! She is also a light chocolaty brown on her back end and has some chocolaty brown and black on her face.



08-01-05, 12:34 pm
She is so pretty! What a doll! Glad to hear she is adjusting well.

08-01-05, 12:36 pm
I thought I had resized this one but I hadn't. So here is the other pic of Boo having a treat of timothy hay (don't worry, my pigs have unlimited bermuda grass hay, but they get timothy hay when I can find it).


08-01-05, 02:34 pm
She's beautiful!

08-01-05, 02:36 pm
She's beautiful!No no, she's Bootiful.

08-01-05, 02:49 pm
Hehe - that too!

08-01-05, 06:54 pm
Highly cute!