View Full Version : German Shepherd and My Pig?

01-22-13, 10:31 pm
My dog Max and my pig Bugsy have met at least four times before. Max usually gives bugsy a kiss and Bugsy sniffs back. Max really is a sweetheart and it seems Bugsy doesn't mind. But to the point, My Dauschund Daisy wants to eat him. We will soon be moving his cage downstairs but we don't have a table to put the cage on. I want to keep the cage open but I'm scared Daisy will seriously hurt him. What should I do? Please give me some advice.:crazy:

01-22-13, 10:44 pm
Never leave an unopened cage where a dog can get at it. Even your friendly Shepherd. Even with a top on, I would not leave the cage in the room with the dogs unsupervised.

01-22-13, 10:52 pm
Thank you! I really have never let them in the room I currently keep him in. But its reeeaaally important to do something right the first time before something bad actually happens. I started to question my thinking at first but your advice definetly helped :) Honestly, I don't know a lot about how to seperate them but I definetly will do some more research

01-22-13, 11:02 pm
Dashchunds are rodent dogs! I know I have three of them. They were bred to go down in the ground and catch rodents! I don't trust mine even for a second around my piggies! They have never even seen the piggies. I keep our guinea pigs in my sons room where the cats and dogs do not have access. At some point I will have to make a bigger cage and which time I plan on putting them on a table or something up high with a cover so the dogs and cats will not have access.