View Full Version : URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Can a URI Jump Between Species?

01-21-13, 06:03 pm
It turns out our new cat has a URI, and I'm concerned about my piggy girls. The cat had some mild symptoms when we first adopted her, so we haven't given the girls floor time in their regular pen, which is in an area where the cats have access, since we got her. However, I didn't take other precautions like washing my hands in between handling Mewsette (the cat) and the pigs. The symptoms worsened, so we took her to the vet today. Definitely URI, and she's on meds.

I asked the vet if I needed to worry about my guinea pigs, and she said the belief used to be that URI didn't jump between species, but now that's come into question because it's been observed with things like swine flu. I'm taking precautions now, but I'm worried since Mewsette has been here over a week. Amy and Quinn seem just fine, but I'm curious: has anyone else ever had URI jump between different pet species in your household?

01-21-13, 06:15 pm
Many years ago when I initially adopted my cat, he had a mild URI and coincidentally two of the pigs I had at the time came down with a URI. I've always thought that there was something to that but also always thought that they couldn't spread things between species like that. I don't have any proof, but if I had a similar situation I would keep the cat away from the pigs and try to remember to change clothes and do basic things that I would for quarantine between pigs. Although if your pigs are generally healthy, I would think they should be okay. But, of course, better safe than sorry.

01-21-13, 06:17 pm
Thanks Paula that totally jibes with what the vet said. I'm hoping it's not too late, and I'm in full precaution mode now.