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05-28-02, 10:05 pm
Am trying to find cubes in Melbourne Australia. BBC Hardware was taken over by Bunnings and Bunnings do not have cubes. Anyone have any ideas where else I can try?
Email is [email protected] Thanks.

05-29-02, 03:36 am
Hi there. I'm in Adelaide.

I've actually found cubes at my local Bunnings. They were on a very dusty, out-of-the-way shelf though! Have you asked the staff at your local store if they can order them for you?

Or you could try finding some wire shelving but I'd see if the store can order some cubes for you.

Coroplast is called 'corflute' in Oz. I phoned a few sign makers and asked for the name of their supplier. I can get a 4' x 8' sheet there for about $8!

Good hunting!

05-29-02, 06:52 pm
Thanks Cealiner. Do you know what the brand name for the Cubes is? I tried Bunnings and they didn't know what I was talking about but I may have more luck if I can give them a name.

06-02-02, 02:10 am
Hi there

Sorry, I don't have the packaging that my cubes came in any more but I think they were just called Organiser Cubes. Or perhaps Add-A-Cube? Sorry I can't be more specific. They retail at Bunnings in Adelaide for $12 for 5 cubes and a number of connectors.

If you manage to find them, I wouldn't bother with the connectors. They don't 'go on' very easily. I just use cable ties to connect the cubes - much easier.

Hope you manage to track them down. I've just made two new cages for my pigs - a 2 grid by 5 grid with two upper levels for my five girls and a 2 by four with an upper level for my 3 boys (will soon be just 2 boys as one is being neutered and will live with the girls).

07-25-02, 10:46 pm
Hi, I found the cubes by getting a Bunnings staffer to talk to a BBC staffer! Made life easier! I have found the cubes- and from what I can gather they are called 'Starter' Cubes.

Hope that helps...

If you can call long distance, contact Mulford Plastics on (0:cool: 9446 9933 for Corflute. They will give you a number of someone close to you....


10-15-02, 11:22 pm
I got some from a discount store called choice, in Brisbane, they were called "Cube - wire cube storage container" ($:cool: then saw some in Bunnings "IBEX storage cube" ($8.50)and Bunnings/Hardwarehouse had both the IBEX brand and another($7.50).

I got the Corflex from my local signwriter.

email if you want more info.

[email protected]

05-12-04, 04:22 am
For those looking for cubes at Bunnings, I recently (March 2004) purchased some from Bunnings at the Thomastown store, Vic. $8 for 5 sides. They had quite a lot!

They weren't well branded, very much "no-name", but my reciept lists it as "storage-cube-ibex".

Hopefully that helps in your searches!

PS: I, like so many others, found that the staff at Bunnings didn't have a clue what I was talking about. The only way seems to be to scour the store yourself!

Coroflute: I got some from a friend at her work, but I'm looking for more. Any good sources in Melbourne?

06-05-04, 07:50 am
Hi there
I've just bought some from 'The Warehouse' in Bayswater. They were in the current catalogue so you should be able to get them from any of their stores. I paid $29.99 for a packet which makes 6 'cubes' but I believe they'll be $49.99 after this sale.


Am trying to find cubes in Melbourne Australia. BBC Hardware was taken over by Bunnings and Bunnings do not have cubes. Anyone have any ideas where else I can try?
Email is [email protected] Thanks.

06-28-04, 10:25 pm
Kim, this is completely random, but I just finished reading the annual report of the Warehouse Group before I checked this forum.

mun mun
08-26-04, 08:58 pm
sorry or asking again, but i noticed some of the posts were 2 years old, and im wondering if bunnings or anywhere else in adelaide still has them, because over the last couple of days i've been going crazy trying to find the darn things!!

i've gone to several bunnings, target, cheap as chips, the reject shop, go-lo... the list goes on... i've both asked people and searched, to no avail, si please, if theres anyone in adelaide who knows a place that they are stocked, i would REALLY appreciate knowing where!!! :) :) :) :) :)

thanks for all the info tho, i'd just about given up on them being here in adelaide!!

08-26-04, 09:16 pm
I'm not in Australia, but I think this may help you: go to www.cavycages.com/where.htm (http://www.cavycages.com/where.htm). I hope there is something there that can help you! They are not always known as cubes, and they are usually in the organizational section along with such things as bookcases. I hope you find some! =)

mun mun
08-27-04, 07:54 am
thanks for the reply. I finally ended up finding them today at the Reject Shop in S.A. They were called 'stack a rack' :)

08-27-04, 10:48 am
Yes, that's one of the brands I think. Glad to hear you found some! Yay! =)

Wire Cubes
11-01-04, 09:27 am
As far as i know,cubes usually called wire cube,metal/wire grid panels,wire storage cubes etc in China and in big stores in North America.

As usual,Each metal/wire grid panel's size is 14"x14" square,it had split into 8 cubes(30 metal/wire grid panels+30 interlocking connectors),6 cubes(23 metal/wire grid panels+24 interlocking connectors) and 4 cubes packed with a color box.

Do i make myself clearly?
More information you may need please let me know at once!
I would like to do some favor to you all.

11-28-04, 05:33 pm
Hi everyone,

Nice to find some other Australian piggie slaves!

I got my cubes from Bunnings Warehouse last week, but it took some pursuasion. They initially had no idea what I was talking about, but I had printed out a picture of what I was looking for and showed that to them, and they dug out their last packets of cubes for me. They said they weren't likely to get any more, so I think Bunnings may have lost interest in stocking them. Check them out anyway, they will be buried but if you show them a picture of what you're after, it may ring a bell with them. Good luck!

03-10-05, 06:20 am
I am annoyed because it seems that Bunnings on the Gold Coast is charging more than other stores ... I paid 11 dollars for my cubes for a pack of 5 with the joiners. The Corflute was 13 dollars from a signmaking place - I called about 4 different signmakers and the price varied a lot. In the end I got a piece 1 x 2 mt, 5mm thick - they also sell it in 3mm thick but that's too thin...