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01-21-13, 04:04 pm
Hi all!! My name is Amy and we recently adopted three little girl piggies and named them Cocoa, Marshmallow, and Cinnamon. We love our little girls! They live in a 3 story C&C condo handmade by me. I made custom fit fleece liners for all three floors of their cage. It was a lot of work, but the piggies love it and are so happy in their home.

I think I have attached a picture of our piggies. I'm trying to post this from my phone, so not sure if it will work!

01-21-13, 04:05 pm
Yay! It worked!! :)

01-22-13, 04:10 am
Hello Amy. Welcome! Very cute girls! Would love to see a picture of your cage.

01-22-13, 04:18 am
They are adorable! I would love to see a picture of their cage.

01-22-13, 04:38 am
I posted pictures on the one cage thread on here, but here it is! :) The bottom floor is 2x3, middle is 1x3 and top is L-shaped with 4 cubes. It equates to a 2x6 cage (if it were flat) plus the ramps. Lots of running room!

Bottom Floor

Middle Floor

Top Floor (behind the fleece forest area is a cuddle cup - I make those myself, too)

Double Ramps

Another view of cage - in the middle on the left I made a little cubby to store the hay and food (under the stairs that lead to the top floor).

01-22-13, 04:42 am
Here is a picture of Cinnamon in the cuddle cup. :)