View Full Version : Cage Can I place the cage next to my heater?

01-21-13, 11:53 am
I am trying to expand my cage space for my two babies (currently they're in separate cages and neither is big enough for one pig). I have the materials to make a C&C cage, and to best fit it into my room I can either make it 2x4, and squeeze it into the space next to my bed (where it would be blocking a storage closet), or make it 3x3 and put it next to my heater. I would rather have it 3x3 at the foot of my bed as it would fit better into my room, but I'm worried about placing the cage next to the heater. Looking to get some opinions from more experienced piggy owners!

01-21-13, 11:56 am
I wouldn't recommend it. Usually it gets pretty hot around heaters and if it gets to be about 85 degrees F or more your piggies can suffer a heat stroke.
Can you move the heater?

01-21-13, 11:58 am
I can't, it's fixed to my wall. However I think I may try to get a table so the cage wouldn't be against the heater but above it, and if that doesn't work out I'll keep them on the side of my bed away from the direct heat. I can always leave the storage closet door open so it's still accessible!

01-21-13, 12:08 pm
Mine is. Unless you can find a way to keep the heat from getting into the cage, I wouldn't recommend it, mainly because of the reasons listed above. I personally think a good indication of if it's getting into the cage is if they start drinking more water than is normal for them. My heater, however, is one of those vents in the floor. It's in the middle of the upstairs floor, but, at the edge of my room. The guinea pig cage makes up a wall to my room, and is a few inches shy of the edge of the heater. In between the heater and cage is a tall plank of wood that sends a majority of the heat onto the other side of the hall. That, or I keep the vent shut because I hate how hot it gets upstairs in general.

01-21-13, 12:10 pm
My piggies cage was on a one grid cage stand against the heater. BUT I am the adult in the household and I get to control the temp for the apt. My heater can be at max and it doesn't get very hot for some reason. It is also the ONLY wall because I have an odd apartment the only walls in the place are outside walls so they were also under the leaky window. I put a fleece over half the cage to prevent a direct leak of cold air and it was right above the heater so it kept the area warm but not excessively hot. I had beds in the area by the heater and away from the heater so if they wanted they could go some place cooler. Our apartment is always cold anyways (generally around 65 degrees). Today it is 20 below zero, the heat is at max and its barely staying at 60 degrees in here. But if you can provide a place for them to cool off and if you can regulate the temp and don't let it get above 75 degrees then I'd say it would be ok. My cage was a 3x6.