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01-20-13, 04:52 pm
What a great resource this forum is! My kids wanted guinea pigs a few months ago and I found so much valuable info here. I spent a lot of time reading before we got out little piggies.

We found 2 gorgeous little Sheba pups and they are now a much loved part of our family. We decided we would do the right thing and get 2 males as we understood the potential risks with breeding. As it turned out we ended up with one of our 'boars' getting progressively fatter and then found that 'he' was actually pregnant. Initially we weren't happy about the pregnancy. We prepared for the possibility that she wouldn't make it - she was so young when she got pregnant. But to cut a long story short, we now have 3 adorable little fluffy 3 week old pups and we have homes waiting for them all.

Since then we have had the original male neutered. It was a painful time for the little fellow and I don't know if I would put a little animal through that again.

Thanks again for all of the great information. I'll be hanging out here often and can hopefully contribute something too. :)

01-20-13, 05:00 pm
Welcome to the forum Geri! We'd love to see pictures of your piglets if you have them. I'm so glad everything went well for your sow during her birthing as well as for your boar during his neutering!

01-20-13, 06:55 pm
Welcome! Please post pics! I think I could look at piggy pics all day... :o