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01-19-13, 07:45 pm
My name is KayLen or Kay and I am a new owner. My buddies name is Jake and he is brown and black with a little mohawk in the middle. I bought him from PetCo about 3 weeks ago. WHen I first bought him I bought two of them, but his friend wanted to bite him so I had to take him back. He is very skittish and loves to run threw his tunnels and eating his hay. I am concerned that he will not let me or my kids pick him up. When I try to pick him up he bucks his back legs and wiggles away. How do I get to pick him up because I want him to explore the house and cuddle with us?

01-19-13, 08:16 pm
Hello Kaylen, please remember next time you get a guinea pig to Adopt not Shop, there are many pigs in shelters who have no homes and need to be adopted, Petco is known to sell sick or pregnant guinea pigs. It can take months or even years to gain your pigs trust. When you first get a pig let him have a few days to get use to his environment. A good way to get piggies to get use to you is by giving them lap time, place a towel over your lap, place the piggy down and pet him, you can do this while watching TV.

01-19-13, 08:47 pm
Thank you so much for the advice and I will definitely look at the shelters the next time. I do have another question how do I know if he has a cold? The reason I am asking is because he started making thsi whistling sound when he is running through his tunnel. It does not happen everday or all day maybe once or twice a week.

01-20-13, 01:51 am
mrskaylen Guinea pigs actually can't get colds, they get URIs' (Upper Respiratory Infection). Since you got him from a pet store it is a good idea to read up on URIs' as it's extremely common for places like PetCo to be selling pigs with URIs'. http://www.guinealynx.info/uri.html <Read this. If you find your pig is getting crust around his eyes, not eating a lot, losing weight and making Wheezing type noises it's probably a URI, and he should be taken to the vet as soon as possible so you can get him antibiotics. Also a good idea is to weight your guinea pig each week, if you notice sudden drop of weight make sure he see's a vet. Guinea pigs are very good at hiding diseases and health problems. It's also good that you find a vet close to you that specializes in Guinea pigs because guinea pigs who are sick need to see an exotics vet. Good luck with your pig.

01-20-13, 02:44 am
Welcome to the site! A good way to any animals heart is through their stomach! bring veggies! fresh green leaf lettuce can be fed often! Check the diet section for more info on food and veggies. Remember that guinea pigs are a prey animal. prey animals need to be skittish and run so they don't become food! So unlike a cat or dog, it will take time before they warm up to you. Dangling is often scary for a pig, so if you take a shoe box and cut a hole at either end, you can shoo the pigger in (nicely of course ;) ) and then block the holes with your hands and lift him/her out! When my first pig was new I set a fleece blanket on my lap and would feed him his daily salad in my lap. you could try that! (i used to use my pigloo and flipped it over and trained him to go inside to be taken out to eat his salad) Good luck!