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01-18-13, 12:19 pm
Alright well I'm sorta new I've been a member for a couple months but I've never really introduced myself before. Well my beginning as a pet owner was quite sad. I was one of the people that got my first guinea pig Cinnamon from a pet store because I didn't do proper research before I got her like a bad owner. Unfortunately like many guinea pigs from pet stores she had a uri and of course I took her to the vet(which my boyfriend didn't agree with but I feel every animal deserves to live) sadly even though I took her to a cavy savvy vet as soon as I realized that she was sick and got her started on medicine as soon as possible she didn't make it... I crushed my heart and I felt so responsible for her death. 40385
She was my princess and I was devastated when she passed.

After she passed I did a ton of research on guinea pigs and this site was my main resource. I discovered that pet stores are bad and the cage I had was too small and I just learned so much that I wish I new when she was alive. So I decided that I was going to build a 2x4 C&C cage and then adopt 2 piggies from my local rescue. Well before I had a chance to get my piggies a situation arose. So my friend had gotten a bunny from a pet store and was told that she was spayed. Well turns out the poor bunny wasn't spayed and she was pregnant. She sadly lost 3 of the babies and 1 survived. My friend could not keep the baby so I decided that I was going to postpone my piggie adoption and help out my friend. Once the baby bunny was 7 weeks old and ready to be weaned I brought my precious Chloe home. She is now 8 weeks old and in a 2x4 cage in my den. She is thriving and I love her so much she is in the middle of being litter trained and so far all is going well. She gets 4+ hours of floor time everyday and eventually she will be free range with the cage as her home base. Yes I have bunny proofed the house. She is currently on a diet on alfalfa hay and unlimited alfalfa based oxbow pellets(the one for young rabbits) and fresh water. She is perfect and has really warmed up to me. So introducing my little angel Chloe!403864038740388
She loves snuggling up to my face and is growing so much everyday!:)

01-18-13, 12:40 pm
Sorry about Cinnnamon :(. I too bought my first guinea pig from a pet store before learning about this forum. I was a lucky one, she only had mites.

Chloe has to be the cutest bunny I have ever seen!! She looks soo fluffy and soft.

01-18-13, 12:41 pm
Cinnamon was such an adorable piggy! I'm sorry for your loss <3
Chloe is an adorable bunny, she actually reminds me a lot of a bunny that my brother had when we were kids, except he was lop-eared. :)
Remember, the bigger the cage the better! Several rabbit sites that I've seen say that rabbits need 40sq ft of space, but one of them updated saying that the minimum size cage dimensions should be 6' x 2'. So I would expand to at least a 6 x 2 or more when/if you can!
Also, welcome to the site. :)

01-19-13, 05:50 pm
Thank you it was definitely a horrible experience that changed me for the better though. Chloes mom has lop ears so I'm thinking that eventually her ears will lop too? I'll try to expand :) my main goal is to get her fully litter trained so that she can just be a free range bunny with the cage as her "home-base"

Little One
01-20-13, 04:13 pm
Awh I'm sorry for your loss :( Cinnamon was a beautiful pig. But on the happy side congrats on your bunny! She's so adorable. I had a bunny when I was younger that used to lick my face like a dog! lol

01-20-13, 07:52 pm
Thanks! When I lay in bed with her she will run around and then come lay on my chest and roll on her back! It's so cute!! :)