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01-16-13, 11:07 pm
So since it has started summer my guinea pigs have been scratching quite a lot. There is no bald patches of hair and no scabs. Could this be that they are shedding fur? Or is this mites or a fungal infection?

01-16-13, 11:19 pm
Possibly mites. It wouldn't hurt to treat them with ivermectin as long as you're careful with the dosage.

But scratching because of mites is pretty insistent, and not just an occasional itch to scratch somewhere. All pigs scratch occasionally, but if yours are doing it a lot, it might be worth treating them.

01-16-13, 11:42 pm
But I have no idea where they got the mites from. Could they have got them from the vets? That's the only time they have ever left the house. Do you know where I could get Ivermetcin from in Perth? Or can I just get any guinea pig mite treatment.

01-16-13, 11:44 pm
You can buy it online from here: Web Store - West Australian Rabbit Council Inc. (http://www.westaustralianrabbitcouncilinc.com/apps/webstore/products/show/2129810)

ETA: Or any where else, just found the link on a aus rat forum...