View Full Version : Rescues/Shelters in Poland?

01-15-13, 05:06 pm
Someone emailed me today from Warsaw,Poland. They found a guinea pig in a park and were wondering where they might be able to take it.

Anyone have any ideas? Are there any shelters or rescues in the area who might be able to help?

01-15-13, 06:13 pm
Well I found a site on Guinea Lynx. It's a shelter in Poland, but I have no clue if it's in Warsaw. I can't really read Polish.

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01-15-13, 06:16 pm
Oops, my mistake. That was a link to a Polish Guinea Pig Forum, not a rescue. That actually might be helpful anyways.

However, there is an actual rescue in Poland. Stowarzyszenie Pomocy Świnkom Morskim (http://www.swinkimorskie.eu/)

01-15-13, 06:30 pm
Thanks T1! I have no idea what the websites are saying but I'll pass the links on. Perhaps the person who emailed me will be able to use it.

01-15-13, 06:37 pm
From what my web browser could translate, I could see that one site was a forum, and another site was an actual rescue that I think is in Warsaw. Otherwise I couldn't tell what anything else said. :) Hope this helps you and the person who emailed you.