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01-15-13, 08:19 am
Hi Everyone,

My name is Mel and I have dogs,cats,bunnies and of course my lil pigs!!! Our piggies names are Bullet (he's a tri-color teddy bear from what I was told), Rocket (he's my kissy American) and Twinkie is the baby of the group he is a Texel (gold and white he seriously looks like a Twinkie). All 3 are boys and contrary to what we were told they all live peacefully in the same enclosure. I will probably have lots of questions regarding bedding and cage set ups and am hoping you all can help.

Hope everyone has a great day!

01-15-13, 09:13 am
Welcome to the Forum, Please post pigtures, and you have definitely come to the right place for advice and information!. I learn something new each and every day here.

01-15-13, 09:20 am
Aw! Congratulations! I have all males as well but they don't get along as well as I think they should. lol I second the pigtures.

01-15-13, 09:29 am
I am hoping I uploaded the pics the right way....lol...if not I will try again...but hopefully here are my boys

01-15-13, 09:31 am
Aw, they're adorable! Welcome!

01-15-13, 09:33 am
I second the Adorable!

01-15-13, 10:44 am
Welcome. Lovely piggies. Texels always look like a stuffed animal because they are so unique-he's quite handsome!

01-15-13, 11:45 am
Very nice to meet you. You have some nice looking piggies. Sure wish I could trust my cat like that.

01-15-13, 12:30 pm
Aw, how cute :) And welcome!

If you were interested, you said you knew the colors of some of your pigs, but the one at the top is a Tortoiseshell and White Teddy, the second is a Lemon Agouti and White Broken American, and your Texel is a Cream and White Broken. :)