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01-12-13, 01:00 am
Hey guys, I'm pretty new to the site and new to owning a guinea pig as well.

I recently 'adopted' my younger cousin's somewhat neglected Guinea Pig yesterday, and one of the main things I noticed was that Kobe's (the guinea pig) nails were beginning to curve. I did my fair bit of research and I would say I know just about all there is about the quick and how to cut the nails. However, in this case, I wasn't able to find a ..well, a schedule on when I should clip the nails if they were beginning to curve, and I feel that would have been more helpful. I uploaded a few pictures that will show the current state of affairs, and I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on when and how to cut Kobe's nails.

01-12-13, 01:22 am
Ufda! Well you can cut about 1/2 of it off to start and then try to cut the tiniest bit off (like a 1/16th of an inch) until you find the quick. Then you will know where it is and you can cut the rest of the nails down close to that level...

01-12-13, 01:45 am
You could probably get away with cutting those in half without worrying about hitting the quick.

Even if you do cut the quick, it's not the end of the world (though your pig might whine like it is!). The bleeding can be stopped with styptic powder, or corn starch.

01-12-13, 01:51 am
My youngest piggie has one black paw- although i take them to the vet to get their nails trimmed (its too tramatizing for me!) i read that if you shine a light under it i believe then you can see the quick

01-12-13, 03:57 am
I second the light. I have a golden agouti pig with very thick, dark nails and I use a light right under her paw. When I first rescued her she had nails that were curling into her feet. I was also extremely nervous about the quick but if you use a light you'll find out that it's A LOT smaller than you think.

01-12-13, 04:18 am
I wouldn't cut the nail up too far, as you'll probably find the quick has lengthen almost down to the end of her nail by now.
I third the light idea. Cut as much as you can off, and the quick will start to recede quite soon, and you can cut off some more :)

01-12-13, 04:23 am
I took in 2 pigs who had terrible nails and due to one of them having a pale foot I could see that the quick had extended down the nail. I had to trim off the curled bits and then re-trim every few days as the quick started to recede.

01-12-13, 08:00 am
I wouldn't cut them halfway up. The quick gets longer when nails are not trimmed regularly. You can probably start taking 1/4 off and then just a teeny bit at a time.

01-12-13, 08:11 am
I would start out with the part curling under, I doubt the quick has grown that long.

01-12-13, 08:15 am
I concur that the quick may have extended so I would just clip the tips off every couple or a few days. The quick would recede naturally. Perhaps leaving a stone/brick in the cage may help trim his nails more? But he still requires nail clippings though, but the brick may help in the process depending if he runs on it.

If you did clip off the quick, ignore the squealing and just quickly remedy the effected nail with styptic powder. Good luck!

01-12-13, 10:29 am
You can use plain flower as well to help stop the bleeding. I find in my piggies that the quick is thin and very tiny at the tip of it. SO if just just cut at it a tiny bit at a tim until you see a little dark centre you know when to stop. As you get closer to the toe the quick gets thicker and has more of a blood supply. Often I've just held a little kleenex to my piggies nail to stop the bleeding. I've never really gotten a gusher that required septic powder or corn startch or anything. Just cut a little at a time every day or every few days and the nails will grow in smaller and thinner after a while!