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07-25-05, 03:13 am
I'm a veggie considering going vegan & I thought I'd try out some of the non dairy cheeses on offer to see if I could cope without my beloved cheese!

I was expecting these soya based cheeses to be really nice as I love the soya yoghurts & milk. But how I was wrong!! I bought some Toffuti soft cheese with herbs & a cheddar cheese called 'scheese'...and both just tasted bizarre! The soft cheese was like that plaster you use to fill cracks in your wall & the cheddar was grey & just tasted weird.

I'm not ready to give up yet though...there are other brands I can try so hopefully I can find one I like.

Anyone else had problems with non dairy cheese?? Anyone found a brand they like?

07-26-05, 07:59 pm
I got Tofutti a few times, it has an odd smell but the taste isn't too terrible. It tastes almost regular if you put it in/on something else.

Slap Maxwell
07-26-05, 08:21 pm
I gave tofu cold cuts a taste today. Wasn't impressed. I can't live without my tofu hot dogs, however.

07-27-05, 04:30 am
I tried smart bacon once, it was bad. My boyfriend took a bite and looked at me like "Why are you doing this to yourself?" It tasted almost edible with lots of Frank's Redhot. But that's my solution to every food issue, just douse it in hot sauce. I want to try the dairy-free cheeses as well, and the tofu cold cuts. From what you guys are saying, I'll be buying extra sauce next trip to the store.

08-09-05, 07:22 am
I bought some Toffuti soft cheese with herbs & a cheddar cheese called 'scheese'...and both just tasted bizarre!

I remember trying 'Scheese' all too well, not good! I didn't really persevere and try others - I was trying it incase it was a reasonable alternative but wasn't really dedicated to becoming a vegan.

I generally use Alpro soya milk now (the fresh one), and just try to get organic dairy produce as the cows are generally treated better (though not always, and they all end up the same way anyway).

Good luck on your search, I'll be interested to hear if you find a good vegan cheese!

08-17-05, 09:47 am
Holland and barret do a lovely range of non-dairy cheese ( i cant remember the brand name but its NOT scheese which ive also tried and rejected) . They have a mozzella style, nacho (orange cheese) style, chedder and garlic and a new one that i havent tried yet.

I havent eaten cheese in 4 years due to being intolerant, but my friends who have tried it say although it is not exactly the same its nice enough in a cheesy kind of way. Good luck!

(p.s the mozzerella is great on vegan pizza)

09-18-05, 11:45 pm
I like Veggie brand mozzarella cheese. I find that the taste is always off with soy cheddar no matter what brand but the mozza make a good pizza, or whatever :) hey it just sounded good.

09-25-05, 12:49 am
Cheese, that evil little hurdle that prevents so many people from going vegan. I became completly vegan instantly. I guess I was lucky cause I never really missed cheese. I always liked it but never had cravings. I dont really even remember what it tastes like.

Vegan Gourmet and Veganrella are the best soy cheese you can get in my opinion. Vegan Gourmet just started making nacho flavor which is awesome. They both melt good (which can be a real pain with soy cheese) and the taste is about as close as you can get with true vegan (meaning no casein) cheese. As with most mock dairy and meat products you just gotta adapt to it.