View Full Version : Ramps I need help making a ramp

01-10-13, 05:28 pm
if I put carpet on my ramp will it be ok if it "sheds" some? the piggies won't eat the yarn will they?? Or is there a better way to make a ramp? Thanks.

01-10-13, 06:10 pm
I have 2 bent grids, with a piece of coroplast covered with carpet. They ate at the carpet at first but now they leave it alone. I would watch and make sure they aren't eating large amounts and if they are you'd want to find something else. I don't think the carpet will shed, depending on what type you use. I used some scrap berber carpet (very flat), but if you use carpet made for bathrooms, it might be easier to pull out pieces.

01-10-13, 06:13 pm
Instead of carpet I use a throw rug that doesn't have a nap. It's one of those woven ones. I can throw it in the washer when it gets dirty.

01-10-13, 06:22 pm
we have a piece of carpet that has yarn pieces that are coming off the edges. They are picking at it some...and the kids did say they ate a piece or two. I guess i will watch and see. I haven't noticed that the piggies have eaten anything else yet...or even chewed..like their igloos, or the coloplast edges...be we have only had these guy since Monday.