View Full Version : Skin Problems White scaly stuff on ears

01-10-13, 12:36 pm
A friend of mine just picked up (well she said she picked them up on Tuesday) a couple of piggies from someone who couldn't care for them, well two of them have this white stuff on their ears and they're not sure what It is. They've got them booked for vets earliest as they could for Monday, but sent me some pictures to see if I could could ask on here if anyone knows what it is.


I haven't seen the pigs for myself, shes in another part of NZ.
Thanks. (:

01-10-13, 02:20 pm
Looks like a fungus to me. I'd put some nystatin or some monistat on it.

01-10-13, 02:23 pm
Okay, Thanks!

I'll find the stuff I used for Sally's ear (It treated her fungus, same active ingredient as monistat), and tell her to get some and put it on their ears a couple times a day but It'd still be a good idea anyway to take them to the vets.

Do you know how long it'd be till she would see an improvement?

01-10-13, 03:13 pm
If it's really a fungus, the improvement should be pretty quick. If it doesn't improve, or gets worse, it's likely to be a bacterial infection and will need an antibiotic cream. An A/B cream, on an area that they can get to with their paws when they're grooming themselves, needs to be applied VERY sparingly and rubbed in well.

01-10-13, 03:19 pm
Okay, What antibiotic cream would you suggest or what should I tell her look for regrading the main active ingredient?

01-11-13, 10:42 am
I would use an over the counter fungal cream, like Lotramin or Monistat.