View Full Version : Many thx for plans for new cage! We have happy piggies, thx to you!

01-09-13, 10:03 pm
We loved the cage we built from the plans on your website. See our attached pic. Purchased 14 " sq. grids at Bed, Bath & Beyond; got coroplast at FastSigns, our lining consists of soft fleece and blankets bought & sanitized at a local thrift store. We change the cage lining 3 x a wk, very easy to do, just shake it outside and then wash it on hot in washing machine. The cage has wonderful storage space underneath for clean liners, timothy hay, their vitamin C and pellets. Bravo to you for sharing these splendid cage plans with the world. And this was waaay cheaper than buying a new (or even used cage.) I wish I'd done this from the beginning. Our cage now provides an area of over 10 ft. for them to explore and enjoy. And the one piggy who has bumblefoot is doing much better. He's lost 6 grams, and while his rear feet are still somewhat red, the red has lessened and he's never had open sores, thank goodness. Anybody thinking about a new guinea pig cage should pay attention to your website!

01-09-13, 10:20 pm
Nice cage. I love your little bench. My little Humphrey loves to jump on top of things while Steve likes to snooze underneath. I might have to make my own now(:

01-09-13, 10:20 pm
Your cage looks great! Your pigs look very happy. I do wonder what kind of bedding you have in there though. It looks like quilty blankets which you might want to reconsider as they aren't likely to wick the moisture down to the absorbant layer underneath.

Have you checked out The Fleece Project? http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/fleece/21568-fleece-project-study.html

01-10-13, 02:11 pm
Looks great! :)

01-10-13, 03:10 pm
What happy looking piggies! I have that same colored-stick house for my girls. I'm sure the soft fabric is so much more comfy to your poor pig's bumblefoot. I'm like you, a ransack the thrift store for bedding fabric. I use those mattress pad topped things and change the kitchen area out daily and the living room every 1 to 3 days, depending on how messy they've been. I'll be they're so happy to have all that space to explore in that new cage.