View Full Version : Conditions Small Piggie, and other Questions

01-09-13, 05:57 pm
So, my girl Riley had pups almost a year ago, I placed all of them in homes. Sadly one of them died around 5 weeks. He had stopped growing soon after i had found a home for him. the new owners did everything in there power to help the little dude but he didn't make it. I placed another with my boy friend who i see on a regular basis and my boy friend made the comment the other day about my boor being huge compared to his chewie. My concern is that Chewie is approaching a year and is quit small. Riley is also a smaller pig but I'd think males would be bigger? I'm just wored about this.. and comments or advise?

01-09-13, 06:05 pm
Pigs can be different sizes just like people. If he's getting the proper nutrition, then he's probably just on the smaller size.

01-09-13, 06:08 pm
thats what i thought, i was just worried because what had happened with the other pig.

01-09-13, 06:13 pm
Just them, I think. Juarez is quite small compared to Darwynn, even though they are only two months apart.

01-09-13, 08:11 pm
I have a pig who is perfectly healthy and 6 months old, but only the size of a 3 month old. She's just very tiny.