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01-09-13, 11:50 am
Let me just start off by saying that this is a wonderful site and I've been stalking it for some time now. I like to do my research once I acquire an animal and this site has taught me a lot. So, as of last night, I decided to finally sign up! And I have questions..

I have two male pigs. Humphrey whom I've had for a year and Steve for about six months. Right now there living situation is a mess. Humphrey lives in a Midwest Habitat (that I love) attached to a pet store cage which is used as a kitchen. While Steve is doomed to a large dog cage :l This is because of fighting and it's been this way for roughly a month. They use to get along very well, but now they launch (literally) at each other, given the chance. I do have the cages sitting side by side though, so they can still see each other and they take turns being free range piggies during the day; especially Steve. I was wondering if this could possibly be because of puberty? I'm not sure about the age they go through it... But will it pass?
By the way, today is grocery shopping day, and I'm going to stop by Walmart in search of some grids. I'm hoping to improve their living situation very soon. Though I have no problem with Humphrey's cage, I'd still like to house them in a large C&C together with a divider in hopes that it will help them to get use to each other again. This leads to my second question: Amazon has coroplast sheets on their site, has anyone ever ordered from them? I'm not sure where else to get one.

Andddd... Last question!: Humphrey has had chalky pee lately. I know this is because of too much calcium in the diet and that's totally my fault. You see, my pigs are super picky eaters. Humphrey will only eat carrots, celery, tomatoes, and cucumbers while Steve only eats carrots, celery, and cucumbers. They refuse all the good stuff such as bell peppers! >( But like I said, today is grocery day and I took a look at the nutrition chart... But I'd like opinions as well. I plan to buy: Red lettuce (Not romaine, as I saw that it can cause chalky pee as well), cherry tomatoes, zucchini, bell pepper(might as well try it again), cilantro, and dill. Plus fruits of course. Is this a good diet to help with the pee problem? Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance! :)

01-09-13, 11:57 am
They shouldn't be given too many fruits, maybe once a week. With my girls I have to put the bell peppers in the cage first to make sure they have a couple bites of those. As far as the other stuff, sounds good.

I don't own boars so I hav no idea about the fighting. Was any blood drawn? If only hair was ripped out I wouldn't have seperated them. My girls have been living together for quite some time and they still do this. It's just how they find out who's boss.

Welcome and we love pictures around here and would love to see your guys.

01-09-13, 09:29 pm
Oh, I know that(: They usually get them once a week, sometimes twice.
Really? I mean, I thought launching + teeth chattering and such meant they should be separated? They fought before but never like that. It just worries me, you know? Anyhow, I'm going to try to ease them together again and I won't intervene unless I see blood and the like.

01-09-13, 09:56 pm
Noooo my girls do that every time I clean the cage. They also rip out hair sometimes. That's just them learning who's boss :) Until blood is drawn, just moniter them. Keep a towel handy during introduction in case they start fighting so you can seperate them and keep all your fingers!

At first I used to get reallyyy nervous and do the same thing, but now that I realised they're okay, it's all good :)