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01-07-13, 04:18 pm
Hi everyone! First of all, I want to thank you in advance for taking the time to read this. Now, here's my problem...

my older pig, Reeses, is pretty healthy. She'll be 2 in February, and, since I've had her, has had no health concerns, other than a case of mites, which has since been taken care of. Now, I bathed her and her sister yesterday, because they needed it badly, and then placed them in their pool, for exercise. She seemed perfectly fine; no listlessness, no crying from pain, was running around, with her sister just like always... My mum watched them, while I ran to the store... She's very careful, and watches them really well. They had some hay to munch on, and water... I came home from the store, and noticed reddish/pink patches on their mattress pads... I thought maybe it was a stain, but checked one of the spots, and it was wet, and fresh. So, of course, I checked each of the girl's for any blood... Reeses had blood on her genitals. I cleaned her up, and placed her back in the pool, and fed them, and she ate fine, and then took a nap, so I put them to bed. I'm afraid she has stones, or something. I can't afford to take her to the vet, right now, and my normal vet isn't at our animal hospital anymore, so they're no longer seeing small animals. So, I have to find a new vet, for them... Found a place, but they don't do payment plans... So, I really dunno what to do. Is there anyway I can tell if she has stones? If she does, is there anything I can do, to help her?

thank you guys, for any help you offer. I appreciate it.


01-07-13, 04:48 pm
There's nothing we can offer you for stones or a urinary tract infection -- the blood could be due to either of those. I'm sorry. She needs a good vet, one who knows something about guinea pigs, and she needs one sooner rather than later. Can you borrow money from someone and get her to an experienced rodent vet?

01-07-13, 05:04 pm
Thank you, Bpatters... I'm afraid there's no one I can turn to, and borrow from... I'm going to call my uncle, and see if he can/is willing to lend me some money... I am going to do my damnedest to take her to the vet. Thank you, again. I appreciate your honesty.

01-07-13, 05:18 pm
If you can't get her seen because of money issues the most humane thing would be to surrender her to a rescue. I know there are a few in Chicago but I also heard that there is a mass of breeder's dumping unwanted pigs in mass...

ALWAYS have an emergency vet fund saved up before adopting any animal. I recommend $500 per animal in the household!

01-07-13, 09:08 pm
Thank you guys... My uncle is being the biggest sweetheart, and is going to pay for her visit... I'm so grateful, for him... Will let you know how it turns out!