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01-05-13, 07:05 pm
i found a light yellow substance in my piggies cage an hour ago. i assumed it was vomit but on research have discovered that guinea pigs cannot vomit and so it must be diarrhea. im very worried as today i extended my piggies cage and so their water bottle was in a different place (stupid i know but i tried to show them where it was and decided if they hadnt drank by the evening i would put the cage back to how it was) also they have ate a lot more cucumber than normal, due to being in my car and their new cage i used it to encourage them to explore. im very worried as im not 100% sure which pig it is, i have 2 that are 9 months old. one was quite quiet today but she is the more docile one. Iv put a bowl of water in the cage and seen the more active pig drink from it but was not sure if the other one did. both are up and moving, climbing on top of their hut and eating hay but im still very concerned.

Has anyone else had their pigs produce a light yellow diarrhea?

thanks so much in advance, sorry for going on just very worried about my piggies! xxx

01-05-13, 07:12 pm
I haven't seen this, but how much cucumber and watery foods do you give them? I know an over load can make their poop odd. It may not be that though. I know thats really unhelpful. If you do see a guinea stop eating I would get concerned. I would Google it and pester people on this site :-) x

01-05-13, 07:20 pm
thanks for your concern. iv rang 2 24 hour vets one said its up to me if i bring them in now or in 8 hour when the vet opens and the other vets said just to wait til the morning if they seem active. i just feel so awful if its my fault. i gave them 3 portions instead of their usual 2. just worried about their of drinking they normally drink quiet abit, i dont want to force them with the syringe at the moment as dont want to stress them out :s xx

01-05-13, 07:24 pm
Just to be sure, have you checked that it isn't a food stain (ie. from tomatoes)? Also, do your guinea pigs usually drink lots of water? Do they frequently eat foods like brocolli, cabbage or iceburg lettuce because these can cause bloat and diarrhea.

01-05-13, 07:28 pm
That is a point! We under thought our pig was dying ad he had a dirty stain on him that looked awful - it was tomato juice. Another time he managed to get a pellet stuck to his lip that we thought was a growth!! When it comes to our babies we panic and that's understandable, I hope your pigs are OK though!!xx

01-05-13, 07:35 pm
they usually drink a fair amount, more at the night than in the day. recently they have only eaten cucumber, carrot, parsley & spinach. they have had a bit more cucumber than usual today but at other times they have eaten lots of it and been fine. they just dont seem interested in their water bottle. thanks so much though xx

01-05-13, 07:51 pm
Your post doesn't say, Do you have Boars or Sows? I am thinking if you have Boars, It may be boar glue.

01-05-13, 07:56 pm
they are sows

01-05-13, 07:58 pm
Okay then that rules out boar glue, Just wanted to be sure and cover all angles.

01-05-13, 08:00 pm
thanks i really appreciate it

01-05-13, 08:10 pm
If both are eating they should be fine until the morning.

Pigs are usually pretty smart about finding water bottles. They know what to look for. It's more likely that they are nervous in their new place.

01-05-13, 08:14 pm
I believe cucumber shouldn't be an every day food. Also you made no mention of hay and pellets. Did they have access to unlimited hay today? If not they need hay 24/7.

01-05-13, 08:15 pm
She mentions in her first post that they are eating hay. If guinea pigs are used to eating cucumber, it is fine to give some each day. I often do in the summer.

01-05-13, 08:20 pm
they have eaten plenty of hay today, still munching on it and a good portion of pellets. i alternate between cucumber, carrot and spinach

01-05-13, 08:27 pm
Also if she is still having poop issues tomorrow morning get canned plain pumpkin puree and mix in ground up pellets until its pretty thick and give them a plop of it. It will add loads of fiber into their system and hopefully solidify the poop!

01-05-13, 08:30 pm
oh that sounds great thank you x