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01-05-13, 12:14 pm

My name is Amanda a.k.a. Manda. I am a mother of a 3 year old girl, Layla. We have a tuxedo cat named Nina & a gray tabby named Gilbert. On 12/31/12, we finally got our 7 week old piggies, Chickadee & Chloe.

Chickadee is larger than Chloe. She is the one that is dark brown & white. Chloe has many colors on her, she has a type of agouti patch, a light brown, brown and white.

They aren't too keen on veggies & fruits yet. I just made a hut out of 2 Pop Tarts boxes that they like. I am getting lots of great ideas here for cages & accessories. Right now, they are in a pet store cage, but I am saving for their C&C cage.

My daughter loves them. They are the only thing besides Caillou that makes her sit still. She is learning a lot from the piggies. I got them from a Facebook/old high school friend that didn't know her piggy was pregnant.

Years ago, I had a golden agouti pig named Nala. At the time, I didn't know all I learned from this site about them needing at least one other with them, the cage sizes, etc. She was very loved and much missed. I wanted a guinea pig when we got Nina, but I was outvoted by hubby (who is now gone) & Layla. I love the cats, but I still yearned for the piggies and a pug. I am glad I finally have my piggies!

Thanks for your time and your patience. I hope the pictures came out. I am very happy to have found a wonderful community dedicated to our wonderful cavies!

01-05-13, 12:27 pm
Welcome! Your girls are adorable.

01-05-13, 01:05 pm

Lovely girls!

01-05-13, 01:23 pm
Welcome, they are adorable.

01-05-13, 01:57 pm
They are cuties -- welcome to the forum!