View Full Version : Injury First Aid for minor scratch?

01-03-13, 11:33 pm
I noticed that one of my pigs has a tiny scratch in the area just below her nose, but above her lip. It happened sometime after she sat on my lap today (maybe 1pm) but before I fed them their dinner veggies. She doesn't appear to be in any pain and I've been home all day, so I know there was no fighting; the two girls get along fantastically. I don't know how it happened (sharp hay, maybe?). I was just wondering if I'm supposed to do anything about it or just let it heal.

01-04-13, 12:02 am
Since its a small scratch it should be fine. I'd take a wash cloth or qui-tip with some warm water and wash it so it doesn't get infected though. When I've gotten scratches on mine before I've used just a regular anti-biotic ointment (correct me if that's not all right) and it seems to help. But again, I wouldn't stress over it. :) hope I helped.