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01-03-13, 02:39 am
My fiance had taken my piggy to the vet a week ago after we discover a bald spot on his hip. The Doctor prescribed a green gel for fungal infection after we suggest it could be ringworm but the vet is not entirely sure if it is a ringworm. I don't know if the gel is working because I never experience fungal infection on my piggy. How do I tell if the gel is working? and how long does it takes to see result for ringworm gel treatment? I had been applying the gel since a week ago and I don't see any difference... its still a bald spot. I dont see any ring around the spot... this is the picture i took this morning. The gel makes the fur looks a bit green.


01-03-13, 04:10 am
Ringworm is simply the name of the fungus. It doesn't necessarily mean you will see a ring in the fur or on the skin. If it IS ringworm, it is transferrable to humans so it's a really good idea to make sure you are washing your hands before and after touching the guinea pig.

Bald patches could also be a sign of mites. You wouldn't see mites on the skin as they burrow underneath. They can be treated with Ivermectin or Revolution. You can get Ivermectin (in some places, called Ivomec) over the counter. It's applied topically on the bald patch behind the ears about once every 10 days.

01-03-13, 05:12 am
Thank you for the advice. I did wash my hand as a precaution... :) The day before I trimmed the hair around the patch, I saw crusty skin and a lot of mites in that area.. also the skin had some blood cloth but I don't know for sure if it is caused by mites or my piggy scratch it. I forgot to mention that the vet did gave ivermectin to my piggy... I wonder if the area will remain bald if it healed?

01-03-13, 06:38 am
I saw crusty skin and a lot of mites in that area

You wouldn't have seen the mites. They are too small to see un-aided and they burrow under the skin.

I wonder if the area will remain bald if it healed?
No, once mites are gone, the hair will grow back.

01-03-13, 09:32 am
It does look to me like the hair is growing back in that area.

I'm not sure what you mean by blood cloth. Do you mean a scab? It definitely sounds to me like your pig has mites. Ivermectin should be given three times, each a week apart. Did the vet make plans to give more ivermectin treatments?

01-08-13, 07:10 pm
Hi, the update to the ringworm patch... the hair start to grow... does it mean the ringworm gone? the red line is the ringworm patch from previous picture.


01-08-13, 07:23 pm
Just remember that athlete's foot, jock itch, yeast infections, dandruff, cradles cap are all caused by the same fungus so if you had or develop any of those conditions be very careful and be sure to get it treated asap, wash up a lot and keep sterilizing the places like the tub where the fungus can stay alive until it can get on you! Spent 8 years of my life battling it with my ex we kept passing it back and fourth to us the kids and the pigs and he refused to use the antifungals I gave him because they stung! <rolls eyes> What ever if he wants white, bloody, itchy patches of skin all over his body that's his problem now! LOL Just be careful fungus is very tricky!

01-08-13, 09:33 pm
Actually, ringworm does usually cause a ring-shaped lesion. That's how it got its name. If you google "ringworm" and click on Images, you'll see a bunch of pictures of it. But it's just a fungus like many others, so whatever is recommended for fungus should work for ringworm.