View Full Version : Patrick Got A Brother For Christmas

01-01-13, 01:25 pm
Hi Everyone!
I am happy to say that Patrick got a brother for Christmas this year. We adopted a second male guinea pig into our home on December 14th. His name is Mocha. He has short hair and he's brown and white. He's very vocal and loves his daily salads. He was found in February 2012 dumped outside a Caribou Coffee with his brother. A very nice woman saved him and his brother and nursed them back to health. She since adopted out his brother Chai, but was still looking for a home for Mocha. We connected on Guinea Pig Zone and now he's mine! So far, I have kept him and Patrick apart to make sure there were no illnesses that could be spread. Now I am getting ready to introduce them. I am buying/adding on to my C&C Cage.

We are so excited, just had to share Patrick's news. :)


01-01-13, 09:34 pm
Cannot wait for pictures of your two boys! So very glad you were able to take Mocha!