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12-31-12, 06:18 pm
My wife and son just had to have guinea pigs. I was against them. But came home from work one to day find 2 piggies in a small store bought cage. I was ok you realize that is way too small but I was told no they would be fine. I came home a week later and there were 3 piggies. That is when I put my foot down. I had a space in my office area and a counter top that was used for my tools and such. So the journey began to figure out sizing and best way to build. Because I am against store bought only because I love to tinker and do odd jobs. I had 2 cases of tiles in the basement from a old job. So started with tile-ling the counter seeing as it was only 1/2 plywood (again this was my work bench) Then came the decision on cage wall material, my first thought was chicken wire but then I was like no too tacky. I happen to be walking through my local Home Depot when I came across the shelving, so I had the walls picked out. And we have 2 cats so this thing definitely needed a roof or would come home and have no piggies. Well with out further ado here is my "extended family"

This is Ash

This is Charolette

And this is Tony
But poor Tony is either going to be neutered or he is moving to the son's girlfriends. Don't need more

12-31-12, 06:31 pm
welcome to the forum! your pigs sure are cuties!!!!

12-31-12, 06:43 pm
Welcome to the forum! All of your piggies are cute. I especially like Charolette's coloring!

12-31-12, 06:46 pm
you have some super cute piggies! I love Ash's little mohawk. That cage is AWESOME! I love the tiles I bet they're sooo easy to clean.

12-31-12, 06:59 pm
you have some super cute piggies! I love Ash's little mohawk. That cage is AWESOME! I love the tiles I bet they're sooo easy to clean.

That was the whole thought process. The front wall lifts right off and I take a wet rag and wipe the tiles down. I don't use any cleaners just hot water afraid of leaving a toxic residue. You can't tell from the pictures but I just got done cleaning the cage. I try not to put the wood shavings at the end where I feed them just to help keep the area clean. Not that they care by the time I have to change the shavings they are everywhere.

12-31-12, 07:03 pm
You can use a 50/50 vinegar and water solution. I use it to keep my coroplast nice and clean.

01-01-13, 05:01 am
I just re read my post. I still didn't introduce myself. My name Mike, I am a 911 Dispatcher and a Fire Fighter/EMT. Huge animal person. We have 4 dogs all rescues from the Humane Society and 2 cat again from the Humane Society.

01-01-13, 09:48 am
Hai! Your cage and piggies look stunning! The food in the picture in the bowl looks coloured, and I don't think that's good for piggies, somebody will have to back me up on that xD Plain pellets are the best route to go!

01-01-13, 10:14 am
Yeah its the wild harvest blend, which we didnt know was bad for them till it was too late. Going to do some more checking around to see if I can find a better quality pellet. Someone on here mentioned trying a feed store which is a great idea I never thought to check there. But with the holiday they arent open.

01-01-13, 11:14 am
That's good, shame their not open!