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12-30-12, 04:44 pm
Hello there!
I'm a stay at home, homeschooling mom of a wonderful 10 year old. We visited grandma recently, who had a guinea pig, and let me tell you... it was love at first sight! My boy came home and researched and we agreed to get a guinea pig. Then went back and got another one! They are still working out who's boss, (so far, Cinna is winning because she is bigger.)

My son, Wil, picked out Cinna. He had to handle and see very guinea pig in town before he had her in his arms and he said that was it, she was the one! I found Katniss a couple days later, and I adore her!

First, we got Cinna, followed by tiny Katniss. Here they are in their new midwestern habitat, with my (first attempt) sewing project of a fleece cage liner!

I plan on some adjustments. I left the cage liner open on one end, though secured with a temp closure to avoid burrowing piggies, while I decide on what to use in between the fleece. Currently, I'm using up the cage liners I bought for their first misguided petstore cage) I'm also working on a couple tunnels, cuddly beds etc, with some of the other fleece I bought. (Joanne's 50% off sale is so hard to resist!)
Edited to add, they slip and slide on that ramp and I'm working on a new cover for that as well so they can grip better with the fleece!

I have definitely learned a LOT lurking these forums, and I thought it was about time to say hello! So.... Hello!


01-03-13, 03:50 pm
I guess I was more meant for lurking. Thank you all for some amazing information, love the pics of the piggies. Happy New Year!

01-03-13, 03:56 pm

I don't know what you mean. Don't be upset if no one has commented--many people are so busy this time of the year! I tend to spend most of my time commenting in the medical section, since that's where I can do the most good, and sometimes totally miss this part of the forum.

So, a belated welcome to the forum! Don't be afraid to post more.

01-03-13, 03:59 pm
Welcome to the Forums!! Your pigges are beautiful! I too have learned a Ton on this forum and am still learning more.

01-03-13, 05:11 pm
Welcome to the forum, your pigs are very cute.

01-03-13, 05:13 pm
Cute piggies! I love your fleece as well what an adorable pattern! Welcome to the forum :)

01-03-13, 05:18 pm
Yes, welcome to the forum @Zarabear (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/member.php?u=26186) ! Looks like you did an awesome job with sewing your very first cage liner!!... It's beautiful! You'll have to post pictures of your tunnels and beds and such when you finish them! :) I made my girls a fleece sack/sleeping bag and a fleece cuddle cup for Christmas, and the cuddle cup was the first I'd ever made. It turned out good, I think. Joann's does have some great sales sometimes, don't they? And pretty fleece prints! I love Joann's. Another great place I've found is Hancock Fabrics... I ordered some AWESOME fleece from their website over the summer!

Your piggies are very cute, also! Which is which? I'm assuming the red one is Cinna, cause she looks like the bigger one from the pic?? lol Anyways, just wanted to say hi and give you a big welcome... I hope, along with the others, that you will post more in the future! I'm sure your post just got lost among all the other ones, and that's why no one had commented. So, don't be discouraged!